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What, Me Worry?

You know, I tried to think once, but nothing happened. I tried to worry once, but it did not seem to work. I thought about exercising the other day, so I took a nap and it passed. Do you know that 87% of the things we worry about we have no control over, so why worry? Kind of reminds me of that wise man, Alfred E. Neumann. I thought I would share several of his wisdoms with you today.

Crime does not pay … As well as politics.

We are living in a world today where lemonade is made from artificial flavoring and furniture polish is made from real lemons…

America; first we fight for our freedom, then we make laws to take it away.

Most people don’t act stupid:it’s the real thing!

The reason many people are lost in thought’s because its unfamiliar territory!

How come we choose from just 2 people for president and 50 for Miss America?

Who says nothing is impossible? Some people do it every day!

Blood is thicker than water…But it makes lousy lemonade!

What, Me worry? Alfred E Newman

Well, I must be off..


Things I need to do (today or someday)

You know, I tried to think once, but nothing happened. But things do occur to me. Usually in the shower in the morning after my quiet time. Sometimes in the tub. I like to take baths. Sorry about the bad mental image there. You know it occurred to me that there are some things I need to do. I can think of at least two letters I should write. I don’t have to write them but I could. I don’t see anything bad coming from them, but could be some good.

Say, anybody out there?? I mean anybody got a great chicken wing recipes? Like maybe something kinda zingy I could do on the grill? Somebody is turning XX today (never share a ladies age, you have to sleep sometime) and she (Who is she, the cats aunt?), I mean today is Donna’s birthday and she has a hankering for chicken wings. She did last night but I served her bratwurst. It was good, too. Johnsonville original, my favourite. Anyways, I digress. I bet you could jazz up some wings with killer hot sauce and indirect cook em on the grill.

What do you do with people that don’t like to go places, but when you do get them there they have a great time? Donna’s daughter Courtney was like that as a child. I mean it could be a birthday party and she would not want to go. Not anywhere, ever. Kicking and screaming and pouting. You would literally have to dress her (kicking and screaming) and carry her to the car and strap her in. Tears, howling, you would think you were cutting her arm off with a butter knife. Just get her there and she would have a blast. Not want to leave, Can I stay a while longer? Oh Please!! Mothers and daughters.

You know it occurred to me if I start to write about my family they will HAVE to read this to defend themselves. Or I could be in a lot of hot water. I do have to sleep sometime.

Anyways, Happy Birthday to Donna today, and me she be buried in a 100 year old casket made from an oak tree that I plant tomorrow!!

Well, I must be off!

Camping, Picnics, Parties and Southern Gospel

You know, I tried to think once and nothing happened. I even thought about starting an excercise program once but I laid down and the thought passed. Why do people go camping? Why do they have picnics and parties? Is it about the food? No, you can eat food at home. Is it about the bonfire? No, you can burn wood almost anywhere, or at least you could download a screen saver of a bonfire, virtually. So then what is it about? It must be the about the shared experiences. We must get out of our daily routine, outside our normal circle of friends, family and acquaintences to see each other in a different light. To test one anothers mettle, sharpen another’s sword, have your own sword sharpened, invoke horseplay on a jet ski…

Sunday in the lobby of the TCA, a woman for the Freinds Church saw our sign and stopped in to let us know the Toney Brothers were singing Southern Gospel at their church last night. We convened our small group over at the Freinds church to partake and what a wonderful night it turned out to be. They went so far to make it seem like an old timey revival they even turned off the air conditioner(actually I dont think it was planned but He provides). People were fanning themselves with song books and there were even a few hand fans moving air around. you know they started with an old Gospel tune something about a NewSong. My wife really like Southern Gospel music and I was fortunate to sit in the pew behind her and watch her clap her hands and sway with the music. The heat added the necessary atmosphere, all we needed was a tent. More than one song, even though I had not heard it before brought a tear to my eye too. The performance ended with an invitition. An invitation to start a relationship with our Lord and Master. Tugs at my heart every time. What a comfort and joy it was.

You know, it occurred to me (this was not a thought, just to clarify) we need to revive the NewSong Barbershop Old Timey Gospel Quartet and put together a few tunes for the upcoming picnic. If we only had a benevolent dictator type song leader who had the skills to put something like this together. Someone with a couple of spare evening on his hands with nothing to do. Someone fresh off a search for a wife. Oh well, nevermind.

Well I must be off…

Well I tried to think once.. and nothing happened.

Well I must be off, planning to depart for “up Nort” here is a couple of hours. I did get the special gift of a conference call tomorrow afternoon, but all I will need is a phone. (I have one).

Do not think I will do any mobile blogging so this is kinda sayanara, see ya, ta ta for now, tootaloo, areevaderci, so long, til we meet again, been real, been reel, ciao, asta la vista, till Sunday in person for most and til Monday in the blog world.

Dont worry, If you dont get this message, just let me know and I will send it again!!

And noboby goes there any more, its too crowded.

That should keep you till Monday. BBT, BBH.. BBF…

Finding your worth..

Well, I tried to think again this am and nothing happened. Here is an inspirational article from my favourite sports writer I think you will find interesting. If you are feeling down today or need a lift please read this article. BBT&T, BBH…

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