Time to FLY!!

Well, I must be off!! I cannot put it off any longer. I am planning a trip to Tuscon, AZ. It has finally warmed up enough down there for me. As they say, some like it HOT!!. And I am some and I like it hot. Lets see, there must be some other reason to go to Tuscon? What can it be?? Could it be those two beautiful grandaughters of mine? Its bad when the little one gets on the phone and says Hi Pappy, love you! Why is that bad? Because I have not seen her in person this year!! That is unacceptable!. So, I must be off. Pitts Off!Posted by Hello



  1. I will pray for you and your safe return.

  2. Russell Said:

    Godspeed my friend

  3. When ya goin? BBT

  4. Kodiak Said:

    Reminder to get your guitar? At least I beleive you mentioned it was in Tuscon, AZ When are you going and when will you be returning? Is your wife going also?


  5. Kodiak Said:

    Your grand kids are preciously cute.

  6. Martha Said:

    Abby and Meli were very happy to see themselves on the computer. We are looking forward to the visit. One week from today! And, I hope you are coming to visit me too!!!!!

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