As Good as it Gets?

You know, I tried to think the other day and nothing happened. If you don’t get this message, just let me know and I will leave you another one. Is this as good as it gets? Is that all there is?

Last night, the light still in the sky at 10:20 last night on my way home, this morning the light in the sky this morning, answered prayers, and peanut butter (Jif Creamy for the legalists out there) just make me want to ask: “Is this as good as it gets?”. Absolutely just a beautiful day. Even the stormy looking clouds were at the very least interesting. Just How Great is Our God? (say that reminds me of a song).

I cannot explain the overwhelming peace of mind I have been blessed with. Not that long ago I would have attributed it to obviously not being aware of what was going on around me. Now I know that this peace is the grace of our sovereign Lord being showered down on us. (There is that mental shower picture thing again).

My oldest daughter called me last night to make more plans for my visit to Tucson. We are thinking that over the weekend of the July the 10th may be good. The weekend of the 4th was considered but then last night I heard my sister-in-law Susie might be in for a visit and there are two very important events over the 4th, but I can’t remember what they are! Anyway, Martha was so excited, not about my trip, not about my two beautiful grandchildren, not about her pending Mary Kay directorship, but an opportunity to go on a retreat with the inter or non demoninational faith group she has become involved with. Just bring tears to an old mans eyes. (mine too). Just kinda makes you wonder what God is preparing her for. Kinda scary. I am a little scared too because I know that when God is strengthening your faith he has something in mind for you. But in the same we can assured.

Well the answer is yes and know. Yes this IS as good as it gets as we are in God’s Kingdom here and now, and know, as we know we have that day to look forward to and what a day that will be!! (Seem that reminds me of a song too!)…Well, I must be off!!!



  1. Russell Said:

    Thanks for the encouragement!!

  2. Jimmy, don’t ever stop being Jimmy. BBT

  3. Kodiak Said:

    I’m suprized that DEP didn’t pudge you for not remembering the 8th annual 4th of July weed wacking event on the golf corse. Can we charge the golf resort for removing the weeds. Maybe I should host a golf outing, I have lots of weeds.


  4. J... Said:

    I thought it was just an act, It’s really you ain’t it!
    Or is it really me, horadish?
    where am I?

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