Well I must be off…

Well I tried to think once.. and nothing happened.

Well I must be off, planning to depart for “up Nort” here is a couple of hours. I did get the special gift of a conference call tomorrow afternoon, but all I will need is a phone. (I have one).

Do not think I will do any mobile blogging so this is kinda sayanara, see ya, ta ta for now, tootaloo, areevaderci, so long, til we meet again, been real, been reel, ciao, asta la vista, till Sunday in person for most and til Monday in the blog world.

Dont worry, If you dont get this message, just let me know and I will send it again!!

And noboby goes there any more, its too crowded.

That should keep you till Monday. BBT, BBH.. BBF…



  1. I won’t cya Sunday, I won’t readya Monday, I won’t be at your house for a meeting on Tuesday. So, I guess I’ll just have to wait until Wednesday. Have wonderfully blessed weekend. BBT

  2. Kodiak Said:

    Jim, you’ll be doing plenty of blogging. You know, boat blogging, fish blogging, water skiing blogging and perhaps jet ski blogging and definitly eat blogging, coffee drinking blogging, ……………………..blogging

  3. Russell Said:

    tuesday we might see each other in “the original” round table. jimmie, i’ll see you soon!!

  4. see ya there…you coming dep?

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