Blink, the Power of Thinking without Thinking

I just want to praise Him and thank Him for all He has done and all He is doing and all He is going to do.

All this thanksgiving. I am just overwhelmed with grace. I tried to think once and nothing happened and now I know why. I know why some things you are just not supposed to know. Even if somebody tells you and you still don’t know. Things you know but you forgot. Then later you can say, “I knew that!”. God graces us but not letting us know things until we are ready. But we must strive to get ready. Like last night for example.

I was looking at the top ten best sellers on Amazon the other day and both the “Purpose Driven Life” and “Your Best Life Now” are still on the top ten. But another book caught my eye. The title is something like “Blink, The Power of Thinking without Thinking”. Now that looks like something I could really not think about. I think you think I must be off. Well check it out…

Donna and I would be in a store and she would walk through and say. “There is nothing here, they don’t have it or there is nothing here that interests me today, lets go.” I would think she just sampled a few items and generalized. But later I learned that she was able to take in all that was going on around her in literally a blink of an eye, process it and make a very rapid decision on what to do, where to go, how to react etc. It could be this rapid cognitive process described in this book is how she survives (or rather thrives). I have more recently called it the gift of discernment (she is gifted by the way if any of you know her) as she is a veritable walking litmus paper. We would make hiring decision in the past based on exposing her to prospective new hires and she is very accurate in quickly judging character. Well as you know if you know me I could go on and on about her but I digress. Or do I?

God know what the upcoming weekend will bring. I pray it will bring my sister-in-law Susie closer to God. As it has been said, if you wan’t to make God laugh just tell Him your plans.

Well, have great weekend, Hope to see many of you Sunday if not sooner. I must be off.



  1. Jimmy, I think I am very afraid because I completely understand what you have written here. Cya Saturday, Sunday and Monday. BBT

  2. where's jim? Said:

    You know it scares me too because we are magnetically attracted to one another not unlike Elisha and Elijah.

  3. Or perhaps Abbott and Costello!

  4. where's jim? Said:

    or perhaps Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.

    Bert and Ernie…

    LaVerne and Shirley…


    Sam and Ella..

  5. Russell Said:

    or Lloyd and Harry

  6. Lloyd Christmas, and Harry Dunn?
    Two very prominent folk in the worm farm world I hear.

    I will be praying for you Jimmy this weekend. Maybe you’ll be the first to win your person!

  7. Yeah, I could see doug pouring the Turbo Lax into Jim’s British Pantry Tea.

  8. Drink up… of my favorite movies of all time.

  9. I just don’t get it! BBT

  10. where's jim? Said:

    Hmmm, that would good… Has anyone seen a movie rated PG-13 for off color humor and where would someone who makes movies like that hail from???Dunno..–>

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