Baseball, strawberry rhubarb pie and the Independence Day Classic

I tried to think once, but nothing happened. But it did occur to me what a day this has been.

Boy, what a day!! Quite a far cry from celebrating the 4th on the 3rd with a 5th!!!

Let’s play 2!! If the Angels can knock off the Twins tonite the Indians move into the wild card lead in the AL. Who is this Travis Hafner anyways? Well let me tell you a little about him. His nickname is PRONK. Pronk is a combination of prodigy and donkey. There you have it, PRONK. Three homeruns in the double header. He might be in the zone. Dunno.

The Independence Day Classic. Have you ever seen such? I testify I saw more excellent ball striking, course management and a deft touch around the green today than I have ever seen before at the Raisin Valley Golf Course. My hats off to the sponsors and organizers of this fine event. Where else but on a golf course can you have networking and evangelism all rolled into one.

Dinner at Docs. Who would have thunk it?? A culinary gourmet chimney sweep. The most gracious good Doctor and his lovely bride put on a 4th of July feast for Donna, Susie, Alecia and yours truly. Going to the Binders is like a trip to the zoo and a 5 star eatery all in one. Horsie ride with Rowdy, feeding Bacon, play ball with Sootie, laptime with Ashes, conversation and a song with Simon and a little quiet time with Shadow. Although they are animals, they are more like children than pets. Wow, maybe they can adopt me too. There are lots of people who would be blessed to be as well fed and cared for as Bacon.

Oh and they fed us, and fed us and fed us. Pickled veggies, dilled garlic and mom’s homemade pickles from a heavenly family recipe. Veggies and hommus for the health conscience. Fresh stout ice tea, fresh fruits, NYStrip, grilled chicken, zuchini casserole, sauteed onions and mushrooms, and I have not even mentioned desert yet. Did I say desert?? Well no ice cream for Jim, but they did have fresh made brownies and chocolate chip cookies, with more fresh fruit, fresh whipped cream with strawberries, YUM…

But the best part is the fellowship. It is always great to spend a holiday with family. I pray you had a great 4th. Tell me about yours. Can’t wait for the 5th!

Well, I must be off.



  1. It was about as close to a perfect day as any one man could ever hope for while on this rock! Love ya bro. BBT

  2. Well, I’m very happy that you had an awesome holiday. I love family time. One of my favorite things to do.

  3. Russell Said:

    That was the best round of golf I’ve ever had. Think I’ll take a break until September 5. I’ve really been “feelin” the love recently. Sounds like you have been too. BBH

  4. J... Said:

    There use to be a time when family
    just didn’t do much for me!
    But now if I do anything without them, It just doesn’t feel right!
    You never would have made me believe that in my 20’s.

  5. mmmm bacon.

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