My most recent photo.. pretty good likeness, don’t you think..

I tried to think once but nothing happened. Good thing things occur to me occasionally. I am here in ATL at the airport waiting on my connection. There is a Starbuck right behind me,

as you can see from my 2nd most recent photo…

The flight was great, no one in my row. Oh how the Lord shows us favor. Speaking of favor, I purchased “Your Best Life Now” by Joel Osteen to give to Susie. I thought I should read it first and I read the first 3rd or so on the first leg of the flight. I try not to give books to people I have not read. I bought her the Purpose Driven Life last year (go figure) and I thought I would try something different this year. Of course I can already think of others that I will give the book to as it is absolutely fabulous, I can tell already. I did see at Sam’s (no not Slammy) that the PDL is still on the best sellers list. Wow still number ten, spell that backwards. (Wow I mean)…

Nice day to travel, kind of makes you feel warm and fuzzy all over. Well I will try and keep up my online journal in Arizona, should be warm there…(like 110)..

Anyways, I must be off. Tootaloo!!



  1. Russell Said:

    Speaking of coffee, I had another cup this morning…boy do I feel grown up!

  2. lol you’re almost one of us, sonny

  3. Hey Jimmy, good to hear from you today. Glad that your well on your way to Tucson and that there is a Starbucks nearby. I was at a Starbucks recently. BBT

  4. Excuse me James did I do something wrong. I just noticed that you don’t have a link to MY blog. I’m deeply hurt, and a little messed up in the head. BBT

  5. Hey there,
    Have a great time there with your family. You have gained some valuable knowledge of babysitting grandchildren=)

  6. Russell Said:

    Doug, he missed-linked his favorite sports writer to some pluto guy and not me! I feel your pain!

  7. So this is what it’s like being on the outside looking in! It’s cold out here can I come in and warm up for a little while……….Please. BBT

  8. Russell Said:

    You know, if I didn’t know that he was wearing a Veggie Tales shirt, I would have sworn he had on a Michigan shirt.

  9. Kodiak Said:

    Hey Jimbo,
    You haven’t been gone all that long and you are already missed. Good thing you have Starbucks to help pass the time. Enjoy Tucson, but mostly enjoy your daughter, (her Husband?) and grandchild(ren). Love you Brother Blessings

  10. J... Said:

    Hope you have a good and fun trip,
    see ya soon.
    How old do you have to be to drink coffee anyway?

  11. wowgirl Said:

    Excellent likeness, Jim Enjoy that family time, you are in my prayers as well

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