Martha’s Revenge..

You know it occurred to me on the way down here how you are really looking in the mirror when you are with your kids… You seem to have so much more forgiveness when you see your own likness. Anyway, I felt the weight of my own legacy yesterday on the way here from the airport. When the kids were small they always went on errands with Daddy on Saturday. We would go everywhere, the dry cleaner, the hardware store, the bank, just place after place. Eventually, they got wise and would negotiate just how many places do we have to go to today? 3, ok Dad we can do three. When we were done with the three, I would say, well you know there are a couple of more stops if you don’t mind??? Well yes Dad, we can make a couple of more stops. Why all this??? Well Martha drove about 2 hours to PHX to pick me up with Amelia Bedelia and Abigail Rose. Martha said, Dad, you don’t mind if we make a couple stops on the way back to the house do you?? Well, no I don’t mind. Now I had been up since 5:15 EDT and on the way we had a extra stop and the Super Walmart for a few necessities. Then on the way to the mall we had dinner at Mimi’s Cafe. Have you ever seen a two year old eat pancakes with a fork?? (Sorry I digress on the proud Pappy/Poppy bragging on these girls, Did I say I had two beautiful grandaughters??). Then well only one more stop Dad, the MALL. Yes all three girls know their way around the Mall. Just two stores, Gymboree and Old Navy… Scary when a three (well she will be 4 July 19th) know the departments in DILLARDS and also can spell GYMBOREE and leads the way into Old Navy. Well they did need new outfits for Abby’s 4 year old picture we are going to have made today!!!. Highlight was when Martha asked Amelia if whe like a pretty dress. Not opinionated, but she said clearly, NO!! Only 100 buck at Gymboree but you get $50 certificate toward your next, well anyway. So, my little girl drove two hours with two kids to pick up DAD, two hours back, Super Walmart, went out for dinner and then to the Mall. Where did she get that from???

This AM we all enjoyed some Cracklin’ Oat Bran and I did have a little Starbucks breakfast blend. Well it is back to the Mall for pictures. I must be off!!!!!!!!!



  1. Not my favorite past time, shopping, but what a great time you must have had. sleepy time now, pappy.

    Oh, and btw love Amelia’s middle name. 🙂

  2. Kodiak Said:

    Once again we come full circle. We see in our children what we once did ourselves. Just as I was trying to read this post, for the forth time, Krysten has interupted me to get my attention. And she got it each and every time. Of course Dean also wants some attention. Who says we need to collect figurines to have Precious Moments.

  3. wowgirl Said:


  4. Wow, how was the shopping trip pappy? Have you been able to take naps?? You’re probably used to the whole shopping thing, since you raised three girls of your own. By the way, we were in Adrian and went past the mail, and Brynn said, “I love the mall, don’t I mom”.

  5. Well, Good for you my brother. You just keep on a shopping so that some of the rest of us won’t have to! I don’t like the mall, unless there is a Starbucks nearby. BBT

  6. I can manage to dash in to the mall once a year, but I have to stop at cinnabon. But as soon as I have eaten, I am more than ready to go!

  7. where's jim? Said:

    We just got back from Pennys PHoto world. and lunch at Macayo. We had quesadillas, chimichanga and tosdadas. Have you ever seen a 2 year old dip salsa???

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