Meet the Parents!!!


Yes, those two darling grandkids have parents!!! Meet the Parents, Rob and Martha. Rob is a Captain in the USAF and is going to be deployed some time later this year. He flies A10 Wart Hogs for a living. Martha is a stay at home mother and is about one month short of achieving a goal of being a sales director for Mary Kay. She is also a member of the P.W.O.C. and is on the board for her local chapter. She does lots other stuff too, all the time, maybe tries to do too much, all the time. For example she graduated from college, got married and turned 21 all in less than two months. I have no idea where she gets that from. The live on Rainbow Drive and are she is trying to paint each room of their new home with a different color of the rainbow. I am in the living room or family room now and the accent wall color is Barney Purple. You will have to ask her about that one. God has shown favor to this young family. They have prospered in each thing they have attempted. Rob has gotten every assignment he has wanted and he got his first choice in planes. The only time he did not get what he thought he wanted was when he was assigned as a trainer for three years just prior to 9/11. Go figure.

It is a joy to see these two work together in raising their young family. They are a true blessing and they certainly have made all their parents quite proud of them. As you know I could go on, but is getting late and Pappy is getting tired. Feeding those two little munchkins (Snicklefritz and Sassafrass) dinner and giving them baths can wear you out. I just wish I could do it more often. I did better this trip. It took me three days this trip before I started calling Abby and Amelia by their mothers and aunts name. I have a new nickname for Amelia. She is now Mel, after her great uncle. Well I hope for another big day tomorrow, so I must be off!!! BBT..



  1. SassyC Said:

    Lovely family! Enjoy the rest of your visit 🙂

  2. You know, you do pretty good as a grand dad! BBT

  3. Glad you’re having fun. You have many blessings.

  4. you should come back soon, MR. PRESIDENT

  5. Kodiak Said:

    This post has been removed by the author.

  6. Kodiak Said:

    eww,eww,eww Tell the Warthogs to say hello to Mr. Kotter.
    Your having too much fun!!!

  7. Russell Said:

    btw, jim, you’re getting a good handle on this blogging thing! i love your originality!! BBH

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