Everything I needed to know I learned in Vocation Bible School…

You know I tried to think once, but nothing happened. I found this on the fridge this morning and I was wondering how many bloggers you can name???

Also, we started Vacation Bible school last night and I have a question for you. Why did the chaplain name is daughter Allison Catherine???

Like mother like daughter. Some women will just exhaust themselves trying on shoes!!!



  1. Kodiak Said:

    What are you doing working? I thought you went to see you daughter and G-kids. Looks like you have been teaching the kids to blog. Be Blessed.

  2. Russell Said:

    you got me, dep, and quatro intermangled…

  3. I don’t see the antipudge anywhere and what about the mud puppy? You are training them nicely though! Good Job! BBT

  4. Russell Said:

    MUD is there as well as XPUDGE…

  5. Got to teach those silly kids how to spell right. BBT

  6. where's jim? Said:

    Well here is a hint. There are 10 bloggers. I still have no answer to the other question..

  7. Pudge, Mudpuppy, Superman, Klover, Olegirl, sassyc, kodiak, me, wow, tortikat, J (aka bald to the bone still love that one), Jamie, Bruiser, Mr Amy, Ms Amy, huh?

  8. is that his wife’s name?

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