Building Momentum

Well, it occurred to me I was encouraged enough in word and print yesterday to continue pursuit of a 2005 Adventure Day or VBS or some sort of youth activity for the summer.

I have been encouraged by what I believe is a place where we could hold such a camp/school in the evening or on a Saturday.

I have been encouraged by volunteers to teach.

So I am asking you to weigh in on the subject.

So when does school start??

Just how late in August can we have this before vacation is over??

Who else out there is willing to volunteer to teach or help??

I plan a trip to Adrian today to see what material might still be available.

What else have we not considered??? You can chirp in on that too.

Put it in His hands today and see you Saturday and Sunday if not sooner..


I must be off..



  1. I’m thinking next summer would be great. The reasoning is that we want to bring more people to our church, therfore we need an awesome program, one that would take a while to put together (another wiser blogger had this insight). Don’t want to be known as the mediocres (spelling) if you know what I mean. I do believe that school begins the latter part of Aug., giving us only about 3-4 weeks to plan.

    I’m on board for planning/volunteering with this process.

    I love your enthusiasm

  2. Russell Said:

    Sign me up for snack help! :p

  3. You know Jimmy back in my college days we used to go to different churches throughout Michigan and hold an all day VBS on Saturday’s. If we are unable to get a place or organize things to do a full week maybe this could be the answer for this year. Just a thought but I am on board either way. BBT

  4. wowgirl Said:

    not wanting to be a secret agent blogger, I will out myself as k’s anonymous source….my major concern is that we stay on focus in crafting a program that not only glorifies God but also shows our fair community the stuff we’re made of. Bringing the un-churched into a relationship with Jesus is joyful work, but also thoughtful work. I LOVE you enthusiasm as well, but as a parent of littles, daughter of a daycare director and an enthusiastic excited Christian, I feel that what ever is to be planned needs to be very organized in order to attract other families to our family. I think that a christian adventure day is a way cool idea. That could be on a saturday and it could be after school starts (giving us moretime to plan) maybe mid-late September, (on of UM football off week of course!!) Kel and I have a friend who rents those awesome moonwalks and with some negotiation we could either use the daycare or even the lot of the civic….please dont take this as rain on your parade, just want to cover all bases!!

  5. Russell Said:

    How bout this idea’r…Let’s do one for “our” kids (we have millions) and learn from it so when we plan for next year when we open up to the public we have solid foundation for our ideas of what will and won’t work. I bet Mrs. Tortikat may be willing to lease us some space for this in the evenings or a weekend…hmmm…just my 2¢.

  6. Kodiak Said:

    I hold down an uncertain future. I hope to have a job so I can’t commit to a frontline position. However I will do anything say, behind the scene, or a helper of some sort. If it gets set in September it might conflict with my classes. And we will be taking our family vacation in August.

  7. wowgirl Said:

    how ironic Russ, I believe that’s the rental fee

  8. where's jim? Said:

    Well, I stopped over at the bookstore in Adrian and you would never believe it in a million years. They had one complete VBS kit on the clearance table from 2004. They had already returned all the unsold 2005 kits to the manufacturer. So I picked it up for a NewSong… I greatly like the idea of doing something for our kids and maybe some of their friends…

  9. Russell Said:

    I just had a nuther idea’r….

    I know a wonderful woman that has experience running a program such as this… 🙂

  10. wowgirl Said:


  11. looks like momentum is building, I will help.

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