2005 1st Annual NewSong Picnic

Who needs water toys??? You know I thought we needed some water toys but it occurred to me that God provided the water fun on Saturday.

You know when they have those rain delays for baseball games and some of the players entertain the fans by sliding on the tarp??? Well they got nuttin on us cuz we got REESE!!!

I guess we are gonna try and do this again on the 20th of August, so be there or be square. Well, I must be off!!!



  1. the rain was awesome! It brought cool air, and the kids loved it!!!!
    I, for one, will be back next year. It had all the makings of a Mollette reunion: BHG, food fellowship, family, friends, and fun! Thanks be to God for all he has done for our fledgling church!

  2. wowgirl Said:

    a Mollette reunion???? hmmm…”well you look good”

  3. And to think that we almost left before the rain began!!!

  4. Yes, it came really close to a Mollette blowout bbq bash, we were just a few people short and no horseshoes! BBT

  5. Kodiak Said:

    Don’t forget there will be another
    NewSong Community picnic.

  6. SassyC Said:

    NewSong MI should come down for NewSong OH Autumn/Harvest Festival in Oct… THAT would be great!!

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