When all else fails and there is nothing else you can do….

Just post a cute baby picture!!!!!!



  1. You’re an amazing man Jimmy! BBT

  2. Kodiak Said:

    Congradulations, it’s a boy!

  3. Hey that is one of the cutest babes I’ve seen. She kinda looks like my girl…oh wait a minute, that is my girl=))))). Isn’t she lovely!!!!!!!!!!

  4. you were silent on this blog yesterday DEP, why?

  5. wowgirl Said:


  6. Kodiak Said:

    Oops, Congradulation, it’s a girl.
    Red in the Face. :}

  7. Kodiak Said:

    Sorry, Kelly

  8. Kodiak, you have used your once in a liftime forgiveness pass from me…just kidding. Don’t sweat it.

  9. 3fingers Said:

    The lovely Trinity

    Jim I’ll be in town 1 day only on the 30th.

  10. wowgirl Said:

    perhaps we should have a little get together

  11. 3fingers Said:

    Ill bring the coffee…Kelly can bring Trin….

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