Well, you know I tried to think once, but nothing happened. Good ting D.E.P. suggested that in his absence I do a Fryday Feast, Ode de Ala whatever. So I thunk and thunk and could not think of anyting better. I tried and tried but thinking did not do me no good. So it was a good ting that it occurred to me that we have not done an Kid Ala Ode as of yet.

Donna and I have 5 wonderful kids we have known all their lives, and many many more we have come to know and love throughout the years. I got an email from an old friend this week I have not seen in about 3 years. When we last saw her she had just had her 1st baby and we offerred and were one of the first to watch him to give the new parents a little bit of a break. He was not a happy baby but Donna was determined she was gonna get that little tyke to smile!!! Little did we know we were starting a new ministry and this was even before we moved to Michigan!!! Now Rachel and her husband are expecting their 3rd child and finally a girl!!!

How has a kid blessed your life??? Well I must be off!!!



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  2. No need to say this one, most of you know my favorite story. The one which has allowed me to witness to hundreds of people so far. My miracle Manny of course.

  3. Kodiak Said:

    We love all our children, and do not want them to fall to the same debt pitdall as we had early in our marriage. We have brought up each child to pay cash for everything. Brandon has learned this princple, he paid cash for his car and is now saving for college.

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