Ice Cream Anyone??

Ice Cream anyone??

Ice Cream Social.

Many of us have been fasting for NewSong Community Church. Please join me in breaking my ice cream fast.

Sept. 18 at 2 pm.

502 Chicago Blvd.

Immediatly followed at 4 pm by Cleveland at Green Bay…Go Browns…



  1. Kodiak Said:

    Go GB Packers,
    We back our Pack

  2. Russell Said:

    We’ll be hosting competing parties! I’m planning a NewSong Community Concert (w/ FREE ICE CREAM) featuring our house band CAPTURE on that same day and time! Maybe you can move your party over a couple blocks and join us!!!!

  3. So….what size IS the TV?????

  4. wowgirl Said:

    Where is Capture playing??…oh and that reminds me, did anyone else see the ad for Holypalooza on Labor Day wknd??

    and Jim…I think of you each time I have a bowl of Ice cream.:)))

  5. Kodiak Said:

    Is Capture the name of NewSong’s band

  6. Russell Said:

    That’s the working title. Dan likes it. The plans are to have the concert at the field next to the Civic parking lot. The guy in charge is out of town right now, but he’ll confirm it soon.

  7. SassyC Said:

    Sounds like fun~ we’ll have ice cream here and be w/ ya in spirit 🙂

  8. Wow, Chris isn’t aware of this. Will he be filled in???? Also, Capture… name?? Are they going to tour???? HE HE…I bet you we could round up some groupies.

  9. Russell Said:

    Chris who?

  10. you know, *cough*

  11. Hawkman Said:

    i scream, you scream, we scream for ice cream, you scream….oh, you get it!

  12. SassyC Said:

    Where IS Jim? 🙂

  13. olegirl1 Said:

    No!!!!!!Jim I am A Green Bay fan Go Green Bay!!!!!!!!!!!! But I will be there to eat Icecream for sure. I’m with Kodiak.

  14. Just Sis Said:

    YUM,YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Love Sis

  15. APRIL Said:


  16. where's jim? Said:

    Due to unforseen contractural conflicts the ice cream social has been moved to 4 pm at the Yearsins…

    We will still watch the Browns beat the Pack, however. That is not subject to change.–>

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