Are you ready for some Ice Cream???

Well, pick your poison. I am going to the ColdStone Creamery in Saline and buy a few gallons of ice cream for Sunday… Remember, join the Yearsins after the Community Concert this Sunday, September 18th at 4:00 pm. What flavors suit your pleasure??? Put your request in now and we will see what flavors we can come up with. Peanut Butter Cup Perfection?? Chocolate Devotion??Put your votes in now!!!Well, I must be off!!!



  1. Hawkman Said:


  2. I like ice cream of all kinds but anything with chocolate and nuts would suit me fine. B4T

  3. where's jim? Said:

    Let me give you a little hint. If you click on the title it will give you the original flavors available!!!

  4. Amy Said:

    When I go to cold stone (or as I always call stone cold) I always get vanilla with white chocolate chips and cookie dough mmmmm good.

    Founders Favorite
    Cherry Loves Cheesecake

  6. Russell Said:



    Those two look wonderful!

  7. Hawkman Said:

    Coffee Lovers Only. I’m sure this is what Wowgirl wants too! And make sure to get a bib for Four- Leaf K’lover!

  8. Amy Said:

    Also the Home Made brand icecream just came out with Peanut Butter Cookie Dough! SO GOOD!

  9. Kodiak Said:


  10. where's jim? Said:

    Well all your orders have been placed. Thank you for your comments. IDYBT..

    See you tomorrow if not sooner..

    PS Amy they do not have a peanut butter cookie dough but they are making one just for you..

  11. Pete Said:

    Jim, great after party.. Loved the hoop…

  12. Russell Said:

    Yeah, thanks for all the ice cream!!

  13. J... Said:

    That was the best Ice Cream I ever ate!!
    And Ice Cream Cake too!!

  14. olegirl1 Said:

    I’m with Doug the one with the chocolate and nuts was awesome! I didn’t even care that your team won. I just wanted some ice cream.–>

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