Colossal Collapse

CLEVELAND – The Cleveland Indians’ surprising season won’t be remembered for six months of stirring comebacks, scintillating streaks or personal milestones.
Unfair or not, one agonizing week erased it all.
With the AL playoffs again in their sights, and just as September turned to October, the Indians simply collapsed.



  1. So what you’re saying is that Indian fans are just now experiencing what Tiger fans did back in July! Say, how ’bout them Browns and Lions? Looks like another looooooooooooooong season! B4T

  2. J... Said:

    Man that was a tough one, loosing 6 out of the last 7, ouch!!

  3. sorry about your loss, hope this doesn’t quell your joy.

  4. hope you are enjoying your trip, my prayers are w/ you for safety and fellowship!

  5. SassyC Said:

    Jim, when you all coming south?

  6. Kodiak Said:

    Til next season

  7. Kodiak Said:

    This post has been removed by the author.–>

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