“All I need to heal is just God and me”

We all need healing at one time or another. Many of us are in dire need of healing right now. It may be physical, emotional, spiritual or some other type of healing. We may feel we need a certain type of healing but receive another type. What type of healing are you in need of?

“All I need to heal is just God and me.” Is this truth or is this a lie?



  1. I believe that it is absolute truth brother. We cannot heal anything not even ourselves, but we can open up the opportunity for God to heal. I cannot open that up in you nor you in me. We can only do that for ourselves. Please pray for me that I always keep myself open to the various types of healing that I need on a regular basis. B4T

  2. I agree in part. However, if you have a major infection, and you don’t take the antibiotics that would assist you in healing, then you are at risk of death because you didn’t use the gifts God has provided for healing.

    I agree that God is the one and only healer, and we can only allow Him to heal us, and allow others to assist in that healing.

  3. The truth. I believe that you do need God for all things, especially change and healing.

  4. where's jim? Said:

    We must start with healthy connection with God. Connection with God is a vital part of healing but we must branch out from this “God only” mentality and connect in humility with others. You must take the time alone first to check your connection with God, but there can be no healing without taking the risk to connect with others. (And it is a risk and you WILL be hurt again.)

  5. Kodiak Said:

    God is the center of healing. But you can also count on friends to be with you and to help encourage you along the way. Friends are for leaning on.

    Sammy, there is a place for medicine. I believe that to much dependence on medication can be harmful. If I knew then what I know now I would have refused to have my children immunized. As in an earlier post on my blog about bird flu, too much hype and scare tastics in to forcing people to get vaccines. I am not anti-medicine, I beleive in going to the doctor or hospital, but not every time I get the sniffles. Hospitals, in there attempt to remain sterile have created resistant viral strains which for the most part won’t make the news. A pastor friend of my developed the flesh eating disease from staying at a hospital, and needed to have his leg amputated.

  6. where's jim? Said:

    Based on what I read in His book, I find it hard to believe that God would want us to face our pain with just Him and Him alone…

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