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Greetings from the Cactus League

Cactus league games don’t start until March 1, but that did not deter the hard core baseball fans from getting into the swing of things. We visited Hi Corbett Field, former spring home of the Cleveland Indians and current home of the Colorado Rockies.

Appropriate enough, the 2006 Rockies resemble many of the Tribe teams that trained here years ago in Tucson or as was overheard, “Who are those guys?”..

Those of you with some baseball backround might recognize Todd Helton or Jose Mesa, but that is probably it. There are only half a dozen or so Rockies with more than 2 years major league experience and needless to say it would hard to tell who is who even with a scorecard.

Anyway we hit a homerun on the weather on our last full day in Tucson. We are returning tomorrow to our temporary home while we are aliens on this planet and we are looking forward to seeing all of you who so faithfully follow our globetrotting exploits.

Time to plan our March Spring Break vacations!!!


What I learned on my winter vacation…

Things I have learned..

Don’t feed the kitties, they are very hungry. Particularily at the Desert Museum (our destination for today).

Cream cheese is very good in Roblettes.

Keep both feet on the ground and both hands on the club (firmly but gently). It will enable you to shoot 89 even at Ocotillo..(Blue Tees).

That once upon a time when asked to put pigtails in my daughters hair that I put one left pigtail in the one daughter’s hair and the right pigtail in the other daughter’s hair. There you go, pigtails!!!

You can roast a marshmellow over the top of a chimnea with most excellent results.

Nearly three year olds prefer Starbucks Vanilla Bean frappacinos to almost any other treat.

I learned that you need equal parts of scarlett and blue to make purple, therein explains the purple…

Grandaughters almost alway prefer Granny to Pappy.

Don’t necessarily follow Yahoo directions explicitely. It does not hurt to buy a map and then look at it once in a while…

The desert and desert mountains kinda grow on you. They are a continuing reminder of the awe and majesty of God…

And any time is a good time to read God’s Word…



I AM FULL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Greeting from Arizona!!!

Greetings from Gold Canyon, Arizona…

The mountain in the backround you see is Superstition Mountain. It has been a bit cooler here than normal. How has it been back home? We really miss you guys. It has been such a blessed weekend!!! We visited a lovely church today, Gold Canyon Community Church and even ran into some of the congregation after the service at the Red Sage Restaurant. I will tell you the cheeseburgers at the Red Sage have absolutely nothing on the burgers from Cowboys.

We attended two of the meetings this weekend at the Joyce Meyer Conference at the Phoenix Assembly of God. There were so many people there we had to sit in the overflow arena for both meetings. There were over 1000 people in the overflow building we were in (I think it was the Youth Center). We are so looking forward to attending her conference in Detroit this July. I think we are going to book some rooms at our favourite hotel in Auburn Hills. Let us know if you are interested in attending.

It has been good to see the family. Rob is back safe and sound from Afghanistan and the girls are growing like weeds. It is probably the last time we see them before they turn 3 and 5 respectively.

I did shoot a 94 the other day. Seems my left hand grip has been a bit week and the right arm has been doing all the work. No wonder all my shots have been pull hooks. I did get into a cactus looking for a wayward tee shot, OUCH!!! Gonna have to do some work to get a couple of more rounds in before we head back next month, but I think we can work it out if it is His will.

It is so dry here!!! It has been over 120 days since they have had any measurable rain out here. There may not be any rain from the clouds but the Spirit has been pouring out like a deluge. Be blessed above and beyond all measure in the name of Jesus.

Love is in the Air….

So love is in the air!!

What is your favourite love song?

This is one of mine.

Say, you know it occurred to me that Slammy seems to favour a young George Harrison!!

There were birds in the sky
But I never saw them winging
No, I never saw them at all
Till there was you…
There were bells on the hill
But I never heard them ringing
No, I never heard them at all
Till there was you…
Then there was music…
And wonderful roses…
They tell me…
In sweet fragrant meadows
Of dawn….And dew….

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