Greeting from Arizona!!!

Greetings from Gold Canyon, Arizona…

The mountain in the backround you see is Superstition Mountain. It has been a bit cooler here than normal. How has it been back home? We really miss you guys. It has been such a blessed weekend!!! We visited a lovely church today, Gold Canyon Community Church and even ran into some of the congregation after the service at the Red Sage Restaurant. I will tell you the cheeseburgers at the Red Sage have absolutely nothing on the burgers from Cowboys.

We attended two of the meetings this weekend at the Joyce Meyer Conference at the Phoenix Assembly of God. There were so many people there we had to sit in the overflow arena for both meetings. There were over 1000 people in the overflow building we were in (I think it was the Youth Center). We are so looking forward to attending her conference in Detroit this July. I think we are going to book some rooms at our favourite hotel in Auburn Hills. Let us know if you are interested in attending.

It has been good to see the family. Rob is back safe and sound from Afghanistan and the girls are growing like weeds. It is probably the last time we see them before they turn 3 and 5 respectively.

I did shoot a 94 the other day. Seems my left hand grip has been a bit week and the right arm has been doing all the work. No wonder all my shots have been pull hooks. I did get into a cactus looking for a wayward tee shot, OUCH!!! Gonna have to do some work to get a couple of more rounds in before we head back next month, but I think we can work it out if it is His will.

It is so dry here!!! It has been over 120 days since they have had any measurable rain out here. There may not be any rain from the clouds but the Spirit has been pouring out like a deluge. Be blessed above and beyond all measure in the name of Jesus.



  1. well, you are missed up here. It has been VERY cold. Just returned from a Third Day concert…AWESOME. Can’t wait to see you two again.

  2. hurry back and bring some warmth w/ you!

  3. Kodiak Said:

    Here it’s a beautiful sunny day. It’s suppose to be cold all week but warm up on Friday.

  4. Kodiak Said:

    miss ya

  5. I’ve got a better idea, you guys stay put and the rest of the family will just all move out there! Golf year round now that’s what I’m talking about. Miss you guys. B4T

  6. Russell Said:

    Just last week I added the Joyce Meyer Conference to our website. šŸ™‚

  7. ryan Said:

    This post has been removed by the author.

  8. ryan Said:

    Jim katie told she miss you and miss donna and that are petty too

  9. Best of 1980 Said:

    I think we should switch Ryan’s name to HUH? Love you babe. Anyway it remind me of my younger days (someone go ahead jump on that one) when I lived in Arizona, all I did was swim, swim, and then swim some more. I had green hair!!

  10. J... Said:

    We miss you lots!!!

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