Greetings from the Cactus League

Cactus league games don’t start until March 1, but that did not deter the hard core baseball fans from getting into the swing of things. We visited Hi Corbett Field, former spring home of the Cleveland Indians and current home of the Colorado Rockies.

Appropriate enough, the 2006 Rockies resemble many of the Tribe teams that trained here years ago in Tucson or as was overheard, “Who are those guys?”..

Those of you with some baseball backround might recognize Todd Helton or Jose Mesa, but that is probably it. There are only half a dozen or so Rockies with more than 2 years major league experience and needless to say it would hard to tell who is who even with a scorecard.

Anyway we hit a homerun on the weather on our last full day in Tucson. We are returning tomorrow to our temporary home while we are aliens on this planet and we are looking forward to seeing all of you who so faithfully follow our globetrotting exploits.

Time to plan our March Spring Break vacations!!!



  1. woo hoo! see you soon!

  2. ryan Said:

    Cleveland who??? oh that team that beat Detroit wait every body beats them. can’t wait to see you on sunday

  3. Are you here yet? B4T

  4. Russell Said:

    aaahhhhh…. baseball in arizona in march. it doesn’t get any better than that!

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