It’s a Spring Thing…where have I seen that???

31hafner.jpgWell you know it occurred to me and isn't it ironic?  The Tribe opens the new season against the team that ended theirs last fall.  The Wahoos open Sunday night (what time?) on ESPN2 vs the World Champion (ugh) Chicago White Sox.  The Sox and the Boys from Cleveland have been bitter rivals for as long as I can remember, back to that pennant race in 1959 that went down to the wire when the Go Go Sox prevailed but lost in the World Series. 

 The rivalry was immortalized in the classic movie "Major League".  I love that movie.  I went to see it in the theater and wept openly and bitterly with joy as the Tribe emerged victorious.  I just don't understand why everyone else was laughing!! Oh well, guess you had to be from Cleveland. 

 But I digress!!  Sunday night the new season begins, the Sox will get their rings and revenge will be ours!! The Tribe will spoil the party with a win, unlike last seasons home opener that went to the Sox 1-0.  Just remember games on April 2 are just as important as ones on Oct 1.  

 Put October 23 on your calendar as the World Series will begin in Cleveland.

Well I must be off.  I declare you blessed today above and beyond all measure…


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  1. Jim Yearsin Said:

    Well at least the Tribe spoiled their ring ceremony today.

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