5286.4958.t.jpgjersey_200.jpgJim Tressel unveils the new scarlet Buckeye jersey today in Columbus.  Nice biblical color along with blue and purple.  Would be nice with silver and gold trim…



  1. Jamie Said:

    Didn’t people have scarlet letter, I thought the where not allowed to come into the city. GO BLUE

  2. Jay Said:

    I think its Scarlet Fever, but most people dont get the rash until they cross over the OHIO border!
    Sorry Brother, had to do it!
    In the Imortal words of Kieth Jackson, Whoaaa Nelly….

  3. sam Said:

    though your sins be as scarlet, He has washed them white as snow….

  4. The Pudgeman Said:

    What they all said! B4T

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