shedidit.jpg Well SHE DID IT!!  Lisa is now a college graduate.  She is the 4th daughter in our family to receive her college degree!!.  Lisa now has a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics!! A few short years ago, I dont think I was the only one you could have knocked over with a feather when Lisa told us she was going to be a math major!! You might be able to look at more photos of the happy graduate by clicking on the thumbnail.  During the ceremony Donna asked me how I felt about the baby girl getting her degree.  I think she was expecting something profound like " I am so proud of her I could just bust" or "see how she has endured the trials the Lord has sent her and how Lisa has perservered and how that has built her character".  That is all very true but all I could say in all honesty, it just plain made me feel old.  Please join me in sending her congratulations for a job well done.  Now about that "job" thing…..



  1. sam Said:


  2. The Pudgeman Said:

    Who did what? I don’t understand. B4T

  3. The Pudgeman Said:

    Oh, she did that! I get it now.

  4. Kodiak Said:

    Congrats to all.
    Who’s that in the sports coat?

  5. michelle Said:

    Congratulations! A great accomplishment to be proud of!

  6. mudpuppy Said:


  7. Kelly Said:

    congrats…….welcome to the “real job” world.

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