Poison Ivy

You know it occurred to me you always hurt the ones you love.  Last Saturday seemed like a perfect day to do some yard work.  Get the yard in shape for the Memorial Day parade, pull some weeds, get ready to plant some maters.  (That is tomatoes)…

 My wonderful and dutiful princess bride felt somehow convicted to help me.  She really is a trooper.  Donna was willing to risk the possibility of an alergic reaction to Honeysuckle and other flowering trees to get outside  and help me.  Some years her allergies are terrible and other years not so bad.  Two years ago she tried to play golf in the Mollette Memorial and was severly overcome with sneezing and red eyes and tears and coughing and just a whole lot of bad things before we made the turn.  We all tried to convince her to go home and I would have gone with her (I think) but no, she stuck it out and declared well that is the end of that, I am not going to risk that again for golf!!  And that is a shame she really has a nice swing.

But I digress, back to Saturday.  So we pull all the ragweed of of the main flower garden on the Van Buren side of the lot and it looks pretty good.  We move a few hosta plants (I know its the wrong time of year but) and we are just about done.  Oh lets pull a few of these "little trees" out of here.  So I actually crawl into the flower bed between the porches and you know there are vines attached to these "little trees".  So I start pulling them out and handing them to, you guessed it, the lovely Mrs Y. 

I had one bump on Sunday, could have been a mosquito bite, did not think much of it.  I actually broke our first but I typically dont have much of an allergice reaction to much of anything.  I must have eaten a lot of dirt as a child.  Later Sunday Donna did start to break out some but nothing too bad.  By noon Monday she was in a full blown mess.  Her left arm is one big itchy blotch that covers half her arm.  But she is a trooper and went to the Mollette Fraley and friends picnic and stayed basically till we were safe to leave. By that I mean that by the time I asked if there was anything I could do to help I was told my timing was impecable and they were already done and only thing remaining was for the straglers to leave. 

Donna did not sleep well last night and I feel awful about this.  I can still see myself handing here the poison ivy.  This is what happens after living too many years in the South.  They dont have poison ivy down South.  They have poison oak.  You can tell by the fact it has 5 leaves on it.  I learned that the same way in the South as I relearned Saturday about poison ivy. 

We tried (actually I tried them on myself as a guinea pig) several home remedies.  Included were rubbing alcohol, purel, hydro-cortisone cream and my favorite, chorine bleach.  Also suggested but not tried was starch, either from pototo or corn starch.  Spray starch was suggested but we did not have any on hand.  Chlorine bleach seemed to work the best for me.  Almost like a chemical peel, if you like that.  If I had not thrown that last bannana out, rubbing the affected area with a bannana peel would have been tried. 

Donna did go to the doctor today and got a shot.  They also gave her a prescription for Hydro-cortisone cream and some steroids.  Our PA told her to warn those around her that the steroids will make her cranky.  Well that should be a new experience.  In 15 years I do not think I have ever seen her cranky.  What a blessed, God given pleasant person she is.   I thank God for her every day.

Well, fine job I did protecting her.  I must be off…



  1. The Pudgeman Said:

    My older and more better looking brother! Just remember that what happened on Saturday was not done with the intent to bring bodily harm to the lovely Mrs. Y, but was done purely out of ignorance! So, you are not neglectful or uncaring, you just didn’t know what poison ivy looked like. You are now wiser and stronger for the experience! You are indeed blessed beyond belief today.

  2. Jay Said:

    Only you could turn a poison ivy story into a good read!! I wish you would have gone a little more in depth about Identifying poison ivy, not sure I know how to tell!!
    Psss…. Ivy Dry.. took mine away in three days!!

  3. samboni Said:

    leaves of three, leave it be….

    If you find more of those little trees with vines, call me, I am not allergic.

  4. wheresjim Said:

    Have you ever rubbed a bananna peel on your skin? How about bleach? If you are looking for more info on poison ivy, I found an interesting site that includes what you might call a poison ivy hall of fame. You can find it here…”http://www.poison-ivy.org/”

  5. mudpuppy Said:

    Man, you should hear my story about the time I got Poison Oak right before I got married…

    Praying for a quick recovery for the Mrs.

  6. Kodiak Said:

    I’ve been fortunately that I have not had poison ivy/oak. I’m sure I would try all the home remedies to get relief. Don’t be to hard on yourself, it was an accident.

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