First of all the Lord blessed us with great weather.  It was hot.  If you are going to the lake one would think you would want it to be hot.  And it was.  For those who did not go to the lake it was hot also.  It one sprinked a little one night, followed by a short shower. By morning, any evidence of the prior nights precipitation was no where to be seen, vanished like the manna after the Israelites entered the promised land.  It was dry, too.  So dry in fact that we could not build a campfire and make smores.  That was OK as it enabled Seth Flue Marsmellow (MONGO) to eat all the chocolate and save the marshmellows for another day.  The final environmental comment is that there seems to be a veritable plethora of flying nuisance creatures this year.  They bite and sting.  Sorry guys I left so many of them into to the cabin when I was trying to throw MONGO out the door. 

Well, no one was hurt, there was no serious damage, no accidents, no illness and nothing that would really define this retreat.  And that is a good thing.  There were lessons to be learned, relationships built, chainsaws repaired, prayer, worship and fun!!  Oh it seems there was one other thing, oh what was it, let me think!!! Oh yes, FOOD.

Before I get to the food, there was discussion of nicknames.  I came up with a few.  Some are easy to identify, some may not be.  We had 13 mens at this years retreat, our largest group yet.  If you run into one of these men, ask them about the retreat.  They are in no particular order: John Million, Bruce Schultz, Brandon Shultz, Seth (MONGO) Hallowell, Danny Bacus, Kevon H. Binder, Don Ossenheimer, Kevin Ward, Mike Jacobs, Russ Hawkins, Jack Blayer, Jim Grimmer and yours truly.  We had 6 rookies this year and they all survived the initiation.  Now for a short subset of nicknames.  They are:  Mongo, Shoes, Dipstick, Cheflue, Baker and ChiefItchinmyhiene… 

Now for the food.  Well I can't speak to the jerky.  I did not try it.  But as for the smoked salmon, (check with KWARD for pronounciation), couscous, spanish rice, wild rice, pork chops, chicken, oriental salad, baked potatoes (special thanks to Val for the potatoes), quiche, smoked onions, bacon, snausage breakfast and whatever else I failed to mention, it was absolutely fabulous.  "STAY OUT OF MY KITCHEN".  The food was incredible, the portions were manly, and the presentation beyond compare.  Kelly, sorry about the crock pot but I did my best to get it clean.  All of which I will state that of what I had it was the best i have ever eaten.  Oh and I have failed to mention the pies.. Ah yes pies, and more pies.  Homemade pies, apple pies, apple/peach pies.  Apple pies with double churned extra creamy 'nilla ice cream.  If you like pies, this is the place to be.  Well, I must be off..



  1. mudpuppy Said:

    I am so sad for those that didn’t make it for one reason or another. I’m still kicking myself for not bringing my cool new tent. DOH! I’ll post some of my pictures tonight.

    Thanks to all that made this happen!

  2. The Pudgeman Said:

    Sounds wonderful OBOM! Part of me wishes that I could have been there, the other part of me is glad I did what I did! I missed you guys. B4T

  3. wheresjim Said:

    What do you mean by that Pudgeman?? What parts are glad you did what you did? What did you did?. Oh never mind, I read all about your nap…By the way, oh brother from a different mother (OBFADM), naps were indeed taken at the retreat also.. I will have to tell you about my dream and have you interpret….Bombs away!!!

  4. The Pudgeman Said:

    Brother Jim, interpreting your dreams would be to boldly go where no one has gone before! The thought of it just makes me tremble with fear. BTW, the parts that were glad I stayed were the ones that got to spend some quality time with you know who from you know where! The other part of me wanted to be widt youz guyz! B4T

  5. sam Said:

    i am sorry to have missed it…next year, I hope to be there!

  6. mudpuppy Said:

    Here they are!

  7. mudpuppy Said:

    That link didn’t work very well… Try This

  8. mudpuppy Said:

    grr.. or This

    ps. WordPress really needs a preview comment feature.

  9. Sam Said:

    wow I am filled w/ even more remorse!

    Oh yeah, and blogger has a preview comment feature, fyi.

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