My next major investment? Or should I buy a new TV?

You know it occurred to me we all have choices on how to spend the money our God has provided us with.  Well, if you were at the retreat, you will understand what I am talking about.  When we arrived I got a voice message from my youngest daughter.  She has found her wedding dress and she wanted to know if we wanted the privilege of investing in her wedding. 

I also got an email message around midnight Friday night.  The subject of the email read something like "Sony" and I knew it before I opened it.  Well, I must be off..



  1. The Pudgeman Said:

    So, I guess we can discuss you final decision this weekend! B4T

  2. dyearsin Said:

    What do “Lisa” and “Sony” have in common? Both contain four letters and both are dearly loved by Jim. (I could list others but I won’t!) Have fun discussing this one guys!

    Love ya Jim

  3. sam Said:

    I vote for the TV.

  4. Melissa Said:

    Dress, definetly the dress.

  5. Jay Said:

    How big is the T.V.? anything over 50″ has to be a sure bet.
    But then again, what are the consequinces for our decisions or not…go with the dress..thats fotta be a good thing or not?

  6. Rachel Said:

    Wedding dress – to be worn once – for holy matrimony.
    TV – to be watched often? seldom? over many years – for observing sporting events.
    Gotta go for James 1:5 on this!

  7. Kodiak Said:
    Deal or No Deal
    I already know your answer 🙂

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