Pilgrimage 2006 YES, PUT IT ON THE BOARD!!!

 Well it occurred to me to document this Pilgrimage 2006.  All have returned home, never to be the same again.  Courtney and Marcus joined our BBQ at stately Thorpe manor. Donnie O walked the battlefields of Gettysburg and walked to the Orioles game and seat from the regular parking lot and literally did not miss a step.  We worshiped God at a wonderful church that the Thorpe's have been attending.  Alecia  (my niece) rode back with us from the Gateway in Breezewood, PA.  Well I must be off.  Just click on the photo to see the remaining pics…




  1. Mrs. Big Mac Said:

    Hey, who is that hunky guy in the burgandy shirt and glasses wearing the blue cap? Can you bring him home for me? Have fun guys.

  2. sam Said:

    what a great time of fun it looks like

  3. Mrs. Big Mac Said:

    Ok – I’ve tuned in for the daily slide show! Thank you very much. You really should post a warning about all those close-ups of DEP – they’re kinda scary! 🙂 Thank you also for the obligatory picture of McDonald’s. We can’t help ourselves, we always look for the golden arches whenever we travel. It’s a sickness! Big Mac has the full-fledged disease, I’m just a carrier!

  4. sam Said:

    lol, I just got a call to let me know about the updated pictures! Keep it up buddy!

  5. Mrs. Big Mac Said:

    I was bored so I took another look at the slide show. More pictures of Big Mac, ok? I know he doesn’t like to have his picture taken, but you’re bigger than he is, Jim! Remind Big Mac for me that he’s in Tasty Kake country and those of us at home would appreciate being remembered.

  6. Jay Said:

    Yes I have to agree, enough of the DEP closeups!!!
    Some of us other than Rachel read your blog you know!!

  7. wheresjim Said:

    Well, I do have to admit I have already fallen to the temptation of a TaskyKake. YUMMM!!! I do seem to be having some photographic challenges during the last day so that may be it for pictures from me but I know other pilgrims have taken a snap or two and I hope to link up with them soon!!! IDYBT!!!IMBO!!

  8. wheresjim Said:

    I do want to clarify, rather than make a new post I updated this one. So to see the hunky guy in the red shirt you have to go in and view the other pics. There are no hunky guys in red shirts in the picture above. In fact, depending on you viewpoint, there may be no hunky guys at all in the above photo. Nuff said. TIMBO…

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