Who is your influence?

You know it occurred to me that I am strongly influenced by those I hang out with.  I am somewhat a chameleon in that respect.  I was just sitting here thinking about where (or who) did I copy, plagarize, learn from or in some other way incorporate an influence into my life.

I will make some statements about things in my life.  See if you know where or who the influence came from.

I follow the Cleveland Browns and the Indians.

I bowl.

I golf.

I had ice cream with brownies tonite.

The ice cream was bumpy cake.

My tv has a nickname.  It is the “Big Honkin TV“.

I grind my own coffee beans.

I sometimes grind my own pepper. 

We had grilled cheese bratwurst, italian sausage and polish sausage for dinner tonite.

I put ho-ra-dish on my bun and Cleveland Brown stadium mustard.

I went to The Ohio State University.

I asked about the South Carolina monument at Gettysburg.

I bought a bottle of Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce today.

I normally use Open Pit BBQ sauce.

I prefer MacDonalds to Burger King.

I have a LCD projection TV.

I am clean-shaven.

I sign off with “I must be off“.

IDYBT (I declare you blessed today).

I like cottage cheese and pickled beets.

I like chicken liver and beef liver.

The NIV is my home or base version of the Bible.

I play the guitar.

I read “My Utmost for His Highest“.

I like to wear Vaurnet sunglasses.

Well, I must be off….



  1. Jay Said:

    O.K I’ll give it a try…1.Dad 2.Dad 3.Dad 4.Donna 5.Donna 6.Pudge 7.Jack 8.Jack 9. stadium Food 10.D/k about the horadish.. I know where the word Horadish came from 11.You didn’t know any better! 12. You lived in SC 12.Pudge 13. Popular brand. 14. How close am I?? and the rest Donna or not, or someone else or not!

  2. Jay Said:

    Well I guess I could have used some of the HINTS don’t you think!!

  3. The Pudgeman Said:

    HUH? B4T

  4. Kelly Said:

    I knew the Bumpy Cake ice cream was Chris. I knew a few of the others. Nice post…I like interactive posts.

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