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And now for something worthwhile.. and email from Courtney…

Good Morning Everyone!

I hope all of you are doing well on this beautiful, yet muggy Tuesday morning (well, in Philly anyway). I apologize for not sending an email last week….nothing exciting happened though. The half marathoners ran 5 miles-that was it. This weekend was a little more exciting-actually this week is a really busy week! But on Saturday i ran 6 miles, and let me tell you, i was feeling it! That is the farthest that i’ve ever gone! I was achy on Sunday, and yesterday. Today i’m feeling great.  At the run practice, nothing really big happened. The biggest thing was dodging the goose poop that was all over the sidewalk.  But training is going well. And today i’m holding a fundraiser at a local Applebees that i’m really excited/nervous about! Applebees has been generous enough to let us hold a fundraising even there and are even donating food and extending the happy hour for us. I’ve given out around 50 flyers, and i’ve had a good response, so we’ll see how it goes . And i am shutter happy, so there will be LOTS of pictures!

Another exciting thing this week is that we are having our team hero dinner tomorrow. *yea!* We are finally going to get to meet them! One is a young boy, around 8, named Markie who had Leukemia and beat it, another is a gentleman named David who had myleoma i think he got it at age 50 and beat it. The last one, but not least is Adam. I hope Adam is able to make it! He recently had a stem cell replacement procedure and i’m not sure if he’s well enough to make it. When you have that procedure done, you’re supposed to stay in isolation for atleast a month b/c you have no immune system. And speaking of heroes…..From what i understand, Dan Higgins, one of the gentlemen that i am running in honor of, is receiving his last round of chemotherapy very soon!  And his spirits are up and he’s determined to beat this, which is really excellent news! Joe is also doing well. He’s had his second round of the experimental high dosage chemotherapy and is doing great!

On a different note… all of you who have donated, i thank you from the bottom of my heart! For those of you who haven’t, i mentioned the reasons why you should, i’ve mentioned the benefits, so i’m not going to do that this time. I’m going to leave you with some information to think about. And if you choose to donate, please go to the website at: . Or if you would rather mail a donation in, please let me know and i’ll send you a letter with all the info. you need on it! Thanks so much and have a blessed week!

The Facts:

*750, 000 Americans are living with leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma and Hodgkins disease

*Every 10 minutes another child or adult is expected to die from a blood cancer

*Leukemia causes more deaths than any other cancer among children and adults under the age of 20.

We are Making a Difference:

*Five year survival rates for blood cancers have doubled since the 1960s

*The money that is funding research for blood cancer is also impacting breast cancer, prostate cancer and AIDS advancements.


Courtney L. Chambers

Hey,check out what i’m doing!:)



Turn or Burn?

Churches must tackle issues of sex

By Terry Pluto, Beacon Journal spiritual columnist.  I recently ran across this quote from singer Butch Hancock about growing up in Texas: “We were taught two main things (in church).

“1. God loves you, and he’s gonna send you to hell.

“2. Sex is bad and nasty and dirty and awful, and you should save it for the one you love.”

If you spend enough time in church, you’ll hear a sermon with a mixed message. In most churches, the “Turn or Burn” preaching has cooled off. Not many pastors believe you can scare the hell out of anyone — and lead them into heaven with some old-fashioned fire and brimstone.

But the subject of sex often has people in the pulpit tongue-tied.

The consequences should be obvious: sexual diseases, unwanted pregnancies and, yes, sometimes even plain-old broken hearts.

For many people, a relationship is never quite the same after they’ve slept together — no matter how sophisticated and mature many of us claim to be.

Most sermons on sex dwell on the pitfalls. They go on and on — dire consequence after dire consequence, minute after minute, which seems like hour after hour.

People squirm in their seats. Some loosen their collars; others check their watches. It reaches the point where they all wish they were somewhere else, including the person giving the sermon.

Finally, the pastor finishes it off by saying: “But in marriage, sex is a great, God-ordained thing.”

And everyone is relieved and repeats, “A-MEN!”

“If you don’t talk about sex in church, then we are denying who we are,” said Bishop F. Josephus Johnson II from the House of the Lord. “Society has reduced sex to an act only, and it’s easy to get stuck on just the act. Then suddenly, people start talking about it being filthy and nasty.”

Johnson said he has sat through more than a few dreary sermons about sex.

“Too often, the guy in the pulpit acts like he’s never had any problems,” said Johnson. “Are you kidding? We all battle lust at some point. I admit that I do. I need to pray, I need to sometimes repent. If you come across like this has never been an issue in your life, no one will listen.”

Johnson said the biblical word for sex is “ `know’… and that’s appropriate. Sex should be one of the ways we get to know our spouse. In the context of marriage, it is the most wonderful, repeatable thing on Earth.”

The Rev. Ronald Fowler, senior pastor of Arlington Church of God, said you can’t ignore the consequence of sex.

“So many people have been damaged by it,” he explained. “Sex when they are too young. Abusive relationships. So many people have been sexually violated. This is not a trip to Disneyland. When you don’t value the other person in a sexual relationship — and that can even happen in marriage — you have problems that just don’t go away.”

Both pastors believe the church should be there to help the healing, not pile on more guilt when people who have been hurt sexually come through the doors. That’s because people have to deal with the sexual damage before they can have the kind of sexual relationship that God wants for them.

“It really is a celebration,” said Fowler. “But we have to understand that too many people are carrying around guilt, shame and pain.”

Johnson talked about the sermons where sex is reduced to simply “an act to produce children.”

“That’s not what God intended,” he said. “Read the Bible; it’s filled with very passionate people.”

Here’s a sermon seldom heard on this topic: How do you handle it when your partner is not on the same sexual-experience level?

Another one: How do you deal with the sexual baggage in your past?

Or how about this: How do you deal with the sexual history of your spouse? How much do you need to know? Why is it tempting to want to know everything?

“We ignore this,” said Johnson. “We have to deal with it head on, and be real if the church is to do the job that God intended.”

60 Years and Counting…

It has been 60 years since Otto Graham and the Browns played their first game in Cleveland in 1946.Since then, the city has seen championships won and Hall of Famers take the field. It has seen unforgettable wins as well as some not-so-easy-to-forget losses. It has seen white pants and orange pants, browns shirts, and white shirts, with black, white and even orange shoes between. Cleveland has even experienced losing the team itself, only to see it reborn a few years later.

This coming season, the Browns will celebrate the special relationship that has developed between Cleveland and the team during the past six decades – along with many of the memories that were made in that time.

In honor of the special season, the Browns also have developed a logo that incoporates images from the past and present. Fans will see this logo throughout the upcoming season.

Sixty years. From the very first season all the way until now.

Rivalry Weekend, Buckeye Style…Sorry I will be busy this weekend…

Sat., Nov. 18: Michigan at Ohio State (Columbus)

College football’s most enduring rivalry has gone the Buckeyes’ way four of the last five times. Maybe the Wolverines should invite John Cooper to the Horseshoe. His mere presence usually ensures a Michigan win.

Driving distance: 140 miles

Sun., Nov. 19: Pittsburgh at Cleveland
So, this rivalry has gone south since the Bernie Kosar era, but that could be changing under the guidance of Romeo Crennel. The Super Bowl champs provide a litmus test.

Audible: Stay an extra day and make the pilgrimage to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton.