Till the cows come home…

Well, it occurred to me it is time to pick that favourite flavour of ice cream again..

Here are you choices.  Pick one, pick two. At the end of the week we will summarize and then we will see what we get.  I have been told that Superman Ice Cream is not one of the choices…

Almond Joy, Bearfoot Cookie Boogie, Bearclaw, Black Cherry, Black Rasberry Bugaboo, Black Walnut, Blue Moon, Brownies on the Moon, Bubble Gum (I don’t think so), Butter Pecan, Cappuccino Chip, Caramel Caribou, Caramel Pecan Overload, Cherry Amaretto Fudge, Cherry Cheescake, Cherry Cordial Extreme, Cherry Vanilla, Chocolate, Chocolate Almond, Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (yummmm), Cookies & Cream, Double Fudge Brownie, Extreme Moose Tracks, French Vanilla, Lemon, Mackinac Island Fudge, Milky Way, Mint Chip, Mint Moose Tracks, Mocha Almond Fudge, Moose Tracks, Mother Load, Orange Pineapple, Peanut Butter Cup, Peanut Butter Iditirod, Peanut Butter Mackinac, Fudge, Pecan Turtle Fudge, Peppermint, Pistachio Almond, Praline Pecan, Raspberry Chip Cheesecake, Rocky Road, Smores, Strawberry, Superman (pictured), Vanilla and Vanilla Bean. 

 We are going to do it a litte different this year.  Request your favourite flavours with supporting documentation as to why those kinds of ice creams should be selected.  Winner gets….a double portion of the ice cream of their choice!!!Timbo…



  1. Russell Said:

    I pick Chocolate because it helps prevent cancer!

    Beyond the froth, cocoa teems with antioxidants that prevent cancer, Cornell University food scientists say. Comparing the chemical anti-cancer activity in beverages known to contain antioxidants, they have found that cocoa has nearly twice the antioxidants of red wine and up to three times those found in green tea.


  2. The Pudgeman Said:

    My favorite ice cream is cold! But I am also fond of vanilla bean! B4T

  3. Kelly Said:

    I really like the simple stuff like vanilla…but anything with peanut butter is good too. The reason being is that my taste buds agree=)))).

  4. Kodiak Said:

    Did somebody say ice cream?

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