The St. Louis Chokers, err, I mean Cardinals…

U can just call me clutch.  I guess you really can’t put the Tigers into this catagory.  After all they have clinched a playoff spot.  But they have been in 1st place for sooo long…   It is nice to win a division title but so often anymore the team winning via wildcard wins the championship.  Look at the Steelers last year.  The year the Red Sox won the pennant they were the wild card.  Despite the Indians shortened season I have been fascinated by the late season surge of the Houston Astros, written off for dead not all that long ago (like 10 days).  It was also interesting to watch the angst in the eyes of the Phillies Phans at RFK stadium the other night as they won in extra innings.  15 innings I think.  And yesterday the Phillies sat through a 4.5 hour rain delay only to lose the the lowly Washington Senators, err I mean Expos, errr, I mean Nationals. 

 Speaking of that did you know that the St. Louis Football Cardinals used to be the Chicago Cardinals before they moved to St. Louis.  But then the moved to Phoenix and became the Phoenix Cardinals.  And now they are the Arizona Cardinals and play in the University of Phoenix Stadium.  And the St. Louis Rams used the be the Los Angeles Rams but long ago they were the Cleveland Rams and the last time a Cleveland team lost 15-14 before last Sunday was back when the Rams played in Cleveland.  So I guess that ties that all together. 

 Why do we enjoy watching this drama?  I guess it comes down to displaced emotions.  This stuff is truly meaningless in any context.  Last Sunday I was able to watch MY Cleveland Browns snatch defeat from the almost certain jaws of victory over the arch rival, the hated Baltimore Raisins.  I call them raisins because they are purple, and the look like raisins.  But now my favourite colour is puple.  Well one of my favourite colours.  I like blue and scarlett too, with gold and silver trim.  If I were starting a team today I would want to have purple jersey trimmed in gold and silver.  Say I saw something just disgusting the other day.  The Cleveland Browns are offering a ladies Browns football jersey in MINT GREEN!!!!  YuckK!! I thought I had seen it all.  Just some knew  new way to torture me I guess.  But you know I have always like blue.   Anyways, back to last Sunday.  To look into the eyes of many of the fans after the loss was like looking at someone who had just lost their last friend.  Or been fired.  Or betrayed.  You know…Sad eyes. 

Well to dig any deeper I guess you will just have to look up “choke” on Wikipedia.  Oh let me save you some time and effort.  I guess we are just happy to make the postseason afterall!!


In sports, an individual athlete, or, more commonly, an athletic team collectively, is often said to have choked when failing to win a tournament or league championship and if certain other criteria are also met, especially if the player or team had been favored to win, or had squandered a large lead in the late stages of an event. The usage of the word “choke” in this sense is generally treated as slang.

The opposite of choking is being “Clutch,” or rising to the occasion under pressure rather than collapsing under it.


Use in the USA

Use of the term “choke” in this context is most frequently encountered in the United States, and appears to be of relatively recent origin, not becoming reasonably widespread until well into the 1960s. Some of the earliest examples of such use occurred in football, the label being pinned on such NFL teams as the Dallas Cowboys and Oakland Raiders, who perennially reached the playoffs throughout the late 1960s and 1970s, with the Cowboys not winning the Super Bowl until the one held immediately following the 1971 season and the Raiders not doing likewise until 1976. In these two examples, the two quarterbacks of the respective teams, Don Meredith and Daryle Lamonica, were singled out in particular as having “choked” — and both had retired by the time their teams finally did win the Super Bowl.



  1. kodiak Said:

    Doesn;t Brown and Mint Green make Chocolate Mint and Chocolate Mint reminds me of ice Cream, I like ice cream so therefore I like Brown and Mint Green. Grin

  2. The Pudgeman Said:

    You know, it has to be a rough being a Browns fan as it is being a Lions fan! It’s been a rough NFL life for me. Go Tigers!

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