Michigan State vs Michigan 10/7/2006 Stuck on the horns of a dilemma..

You know how time just seems to fly?  Here it is October 6th and tomorrow is the BIG GAME of the year in ANN ARBOR as the low flying Michigan State Spartans come to town to try and salvage their season and spoil the Wolverine season with a victory over the “The Victors”. 

Well as you may know I was able to acquire some tickets for the game and the time has flown by and is there no one who can use these tickets?  I met with one of my bestest friends and large Michigan Wolverine supporter for lunch yesterday and offerred the ducats to him but he said he was too busy!  He had to mow the lawn!!  I looked up the value of these duckets on the open market on Stubhub.com and it appears they are going for about 140 bucks (sorry about the bucks references) each.  Pretty good value if you can get them for nothing?  These seats are in section 9, row 36!!!!!!!!!!!.  It is not like they are in row 95 or something like that!!!

 I might call my buddy Roger later, I know he is a Michigan fan.  He might want to go, but then again it will be crowded.  Anyways, I am stuck on the horns of a dilemna.  Have you ever seen the Far Side cartoon of stuck on the horns of a dilemna? 

As a Bucknut, this will be one day I do not mind being green.  Reminds me of Kermit the Frog singing “Its not easy being green”,  (click on Kermie to hear the song) , well anyways it is supposed to be full sunshine, 63 degrees, just a beautiful fall day for football and what am I to do? 

So good people, I bring this dilemma to  you.  I am open to suggestions.  What am I to do with these tickets?  What good can be done?  Who could benefit? 

Please leave you suggestions below.  I will make a final determination sometime later today or not depending on your input.  IDYBT, IMBO…



  1. kelly Said:


  2. mudpuppy Said:

    Oh man! Did you know the Yankee Killers are playing Saturday at 4pm too?

    I’ve very tempted to give you a jingle…anyone else interested had better act quick!

    (Nice video btw)

  3. wheresjim Said:

    You know, that is why they have beta max, vhs, dvr, tivo, cassette recorders and “transistor” radios. I always felt baseball was better on the radio anyway. Baseball been berry berry good to me…

  4. wheresjim Said:

    The ducat have been dispersed appropriately.

  5. sam Said:

    Hey sorry I was out of town! i would have snatched them faster than you could say “Go Blue,” which I am sure would take you a very long time, because of where your loyalties lie, so maybe that wasn’t an adequate analogy. Anyway, have a nice day!

  6. sam Said:

    oh yeah, Betamax!!! that’s a term I haven’t heard since around 1986, which was, incidentally the year i went into the sixth grade at Our Lady of Fatima School in Michigan Center, MI.
    It was also the year the Challenger blew up (January 28th, I believe).

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