Happy Birthday!! or where were you 24 years ago?

Well, not quite a quarter century old, but almost.  Yes, Lisa is 24 years old today.  So this is kind of an ode’ to the baby.

She has had to suffer all the consequences of being the youngest of three daughters.  There are no pictures of here as a baby whatsoever.   Always having to try and live up to the standards the “older two” set for her.  Having to try and make her own way.  “Oh well that is just Lisa”… 

She was born a small child 24 years ago today in Columbus, Ohio at Riverside Methodist Hospital.  She was about 2 weeks overdue and apparently still not quite ready for this world (or was that the other way around).  Her mother thought she was ready so we went to the hospital.  The doctors were ready to send us home but a nurse intervened and told the doctor she was already two weeks late don’t you think you should do something?

Well the next thing I remember was 1984.  There I was in Singrauli, India.  Indira Ghandi was the prime minister and all was apparently well.  Except for one thing.  I was on a 15 day trip to India on a 14 day visa.  Montezuma’s revenge had set in (I did not know he travelled to India too) and I was homesick.  I was doing ok until I had to sign a receipt that had the day’s date on it.  19.10.1984.  It was Lisa’s birthday and what in the world am I doing in Singrauli?  Well 22 years and she still reminds me that I missed her second birthday!!!

Well, plans are that we will see her today.  After moving all over the country God has placed us here together, just an hour or so apart, so we can see each other on occasion.  What a blessing this has been for us.  We are going down to BG (Bowling Green) tonite to see her wedding dress and take her out for a birthday dinner. 

Above all, despite all the hard times, hurt feelings and separation she has remained a loyal daughter and stood beside me regardless of where I was at.  I thank God for that.   We laugh together and we have cried together.  We sit across from each other and look into each other’s eyes and wonder “why does it feel like I am looking into my own eyes?”. 

She has grown into a lovely young woman.  She has a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Bowling Green State University.  She has a fiance, Ben Flores, who is in basic training in Georgia.  She has a black Pontiac now trimmed in Steeler colors.  (That has to go).  She also has a servants heart.  Lisa has an infectious smile and lights up a room wherever she goes.  She is an extrovert’s extrovert. 

 Happy Birthday Lisa. 

 Love,  DAD




  1. sam Said:

    Happy Birthday! have a nice trip down to see her

  2. Lisa Said:

    Thanks Dad.

  3. mudpuppy Said:

    Happy Birthday Lisa!

  4. Kelly Said:

    Happy Brithday Lisa!!!!!!! I can’t rememer being 24!!! Just kidding…enjoy your youth.

  5. Bruce Said:

    Happy B-lated birthday

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