Feed a family of 6 for under 10 dollars…

You know it occurred to me, you can hardly go anywhere (even McDonald’s) and get something to eat for under 10 dollars.  Sure you can get a couple of dollar sandwiches but if you biggie size your fries and get a large drink you are over the $5 per person threshold. 

I have found a place where you can feed your family of 6 for under 10 dollars.  I think this is just amazing.  I was up in the YPSI tucky area the other day and had to stop into Sam’s Club for a couple of pounds of coffee and while I was there it occurred to me that I was hungry.  Those of you who frequent Sams know they have a little snack bar there and I was in the mood for a polish dog.  So being the bold person I am I boldly approached the counter and ordered my Polish Dog and drink.  Now this was not a little half hot dog sized sandwich but almost a full foot long!  They also give you a 32 oz. cup so you can get your pop or soda of choice!  And it was only $1.59 and that included the tax!!!  Now that was amazing but there is more!  Now you can head over to the condiments table for your fruits and vegetables.  Yes, they have ketchup, mustard, relish and onions!  But wait, what do we have here!  They have generous individual sized servings of KRAUT!  So I gathered my fruits and vegetables and sat down to enjoy this feast!  You would never guess!  The Polish dog actually had some taste!  And you also get to enjoy it all afternoon!  It was more than enough for even the heartiest appetite.  You can also get a hot dog for the same price if you are not a connoisseur of Polish Dogs.  So doing a little math, 6 people times $1.59 is $9.54 so you get change back from your 10 dollar bill!



  1. Jay Said:

    If it wasn’t for you…the world may never know!!

  2. mudpuppy Said:

    I too have enjoyed the secret eatery found at Sam’s. It’s an exclusive club though…you have to show ID to even get in the place!

  3. Martha Said:

    Thanks for the info dad! When we come to visit next I look forward to the big Sams trip to get a lovely meal. No Kraut for me though!

  4. kodiak Said:

    Sure beats the cost of a hotdog at Comerica Park.
    You can get the same deal at Costco’s, too. I should eat there more often.

  5. The Pudgeman Said:

    You know, if it wasn’t for the price of gas to get over there, I could eat that every day! B4T

  6. sam Said:

    yeppers, we frequent the one in toledo, kids and I and Laura can eat for under 8 bucks… SWEET!

  7. wheresjim Said:

    I knew something finally occurred to me that would ring a bell. Dinner bell that is. Say, wasn’t there a company that made dinner bell sausage? Now if they only get some Cleveland Stadium Mustard like they serve in the suites at Comerica…

  8. jamie Said:

    let’s not forget the money up front for the card you have to buy to be part of the club.

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