Sea of Scarlett…

You know it occurred to me today.  I don’t think I know anybody that actually graduated from UM!

I know lots of people that either work there or follow their sports teams.  I am sure I must know someone who is  UM graduate.

 So please let me know!  I graduated from The Ohio State University in1980, just 9 short years after I graduated high school.  I enjoyed college I have lots of stories I could share and a few I would not.

So if you are a UM grad sign in!!  I declare you blessed today.  I must be off!!!



  1. Kodiak Said:

    I thought UM might be syked up enough to when the game. One more for BO.

  2. sam Said:

    I graduated from UM and so did wow

  3. wheresjim Said:

    WOW, Slammy, you can tell there is something about you two that just shouts “set apart”. IDYBT…

  4. Kelly Said:

    UM did away with Speech and Language Pathology by the time I was ready to go to school. I could have gone to State, but…..BLAH!!!! By the way Jim congrats to you and “your” team.

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