On the hot seat (again, still) oh that “vision thing”…

You know it occurred to me that “that vision thing” keeps coming up.  You may recall that around 15 years ago, a president named George Bush dismissed criticism that he was pursuing short-sighted policies by saying he lacked the “vision thing.”


Now with Romeo on the hot seat in Cleveland after an embarrassing, pitiful loss at the hand of cross-state rival a team formerly known as the “Bungals”.  Romeo’s “vision” is also being questioned.  Cleveland was shutout by the 32nd ranked (worst) defense in the National Football League and possibly even worse than that they  failed to maintain their composure.  Rumors are flying that Romeo has “lost control” of the team or he is losing his “players”. 

Crennel shows no signs of losing his appetite for the job.  Asked to identify his vision, he said:

“I want this team to be competitive within the division and have an opportunity to play for the division championship.

“I would like to get to the playoffs and have an opportunity to play in the Super Bowl. That’s probably not going to happen this year, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t happen next year.

“If I have the opportunity to continue, I’ll plan to do that next year.”

Romeo has already “fired” one of his coordinators this season.  He is a defensive specialist.  There is no one on his staff who has offensive credentials.  There is no experience either on the coaching staff or in the players on the offensive side of the ball.  He needs help and I don’t think it will come from within. 

I would have to say it does not look good for Romeo.  The players are coming out in his defense and the management team has been silent.  The owner tries to maintain his ties with the fans and he can see that the fan base has become apathetic.  Apathy to me is a clear sign of deeper problems.  The General Manager is holding a “scheduled media availability session” today.  Didn’t that used to be called a “press conference”? 

When did we lose our ability to “call ’em as we sees ’em”? 

The Bible tells us in Amos chapter 3:

Witnesses against Guilty Israel

 3 Can two people walk together
      without agreeing on the direction?
 4 Does a lion ever roar in a thicket
      without first finding a victim?
   Does a young lion growl in its den
      without first catching its prey?
 5 Does a bird ever get caught in a trap
      that has no bait?
   Does a trap spring shut
      when there’s nothing to catch?
 6 When the ram’s horn blows a warning,
      shouldn’t the people be alarmed?
   Does disaster come to a city
      unless the Lord has planned it?

Sounds alot to me like we need to give things the “duck test”, that is “If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it must be a duck”.  

I was looking for some insight into the situation or for a feel for what is going on in Cleveland.  Despite having a pretty good feel by reading my favourite sports writers are saying, I searched for some Cleveland Brown blogs to try and get a feel for what others are saying about the situation.  I was directed to one blog that had no recent comments and was hosted by an organization “browns.scouts.com“.  The reason they had no comments is because they can find no one to moderate or write the blog.  Now that is apathy! 

Randy Lerner gets the message.  When he sees 40,000 empty orange seats by the end of the 3rd quarter, he gets the message.  They say there is no voting in Pro-Football.  Well I say there is and just like in other organizations, people vote with their fannies.  I look for plenty of votes this coming Sunday in Cleveland.  I have a couple of votes myself.  Let’s give this thing the duck test and see what the results are…




  1. mudpuppy Said:

    I sort of like visions. I dare say nothing great has ever happened in this world without a visionary. That would even include the creation of said world.

    Getting back to the analogy of the Cleveland Browns, I think many a coach has received the short end of the stick, losing their jobs before their vision is complete, only to see the next guy come in and ride on the coat tails of that vision. (See John Gruden) A coach needs the commitment from management and the fans in order to fully implement a system. If he doesn’t get that, he’s doomed from the beginning.

    This quick results environment is just further proof of our fast food mentality. Have you noticed that microwaves are too slow for cooking food these days?

  2. whobody Said:

    romeo got the dreaded vote of confidence today…Nov. 30, 2006
    CBS SportsLine.com wire reports

    BEREA, Ohio — Browns general manager Phil Savage strongly backed coach Romeo Crennel on Thursday, temporarily snuffing speculation the club was on the verge of another coaching change.

  3. whobody Said:

    Brownstown burns, while coach fiddles

    Doug Clarke
    The Chronicle-Telegram
    With apologies to Green Day:

    “Here comes the rain again
    falling from the stars
    drenched in my pain again
    becoming who we are.
    As my memory rests
    but never forgets what I lost
    wake me up when football ends!”

    It’s dark. It’s dreary. It’s desolate. It’s depressing.
    It feels like another Browns season winding down.
    There was Phil Savage standing at the podium (thankfully without the silly ball cap perched atop his head, which would surely have put him on rails out of town) for his State of Disarray address, giving a vote of confidence to Romeo Crennel — the nicest 3 and 8 coach you’d ever hope to meet.
    If you’ve wondered what a vote of confidence looks like, it looks like this: Picture a man’s head atop a nice square set of shoulders. Now take away the shoulders and put the man’s head on something else. A chopping block, say.
    Go ahead and draw in the guillotine above the man’s head, if you want. A bucket for the man’s head to fall into? Sure, draw that, too. If you need help, it’s all there in the NFL Pictionary Book, dating back to the days of the Chicago Stanley Steamers.
    “Our only chance is to stay the course,” Savage told the gathered assemblage of jackals, cleverly disguised as reporters.
    As he spoke the words, I closed my eyes and saw a grainy, black and white film. It looked just like a Green Day video: a deserted town, a vulture flapping its wings, road kill filling the blacktop, a hot wind blowing in off the desert, the road ahead lonely and flat with no end in sight.

    “Don’t know where it goes
    but it’s home to me and I walk alone …”

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