You know it occurred to me there is a football game on tonight.  The hype nationally has been pretty subdued.  There has not been much buzz.  Columnists are saying that having the BCS National Championship a week after the traditional New Year’s Eve games is a mistake because the buzz and hype has just not been there.  There has not been much talk of a much needed playoff.  Yahoo continues to say that the Big Ten is the reason the major conferences don’t have a playoff system.  The logic is pretty clear.  If you are a Big Ten school and go undefeated, you are in the National Championship game.  Same thing can be said about the Big 12, Pac 10, SEC and the ACC.  Maybe even the Big East. 

I never really was much of an Ohio State football fan.  During my time in Columbus as a student from 1976 through 1980 I did not attend a single Ohio State game.  I just was not that interested.  I am a Cleveland Browns fan and any of you that know me understand that.  Back in 2002, OSU played Miami for the national championship and the following day the  Browns played in relatively insignificant playoff game.  People don’t believe me but I really do think if I had to choose one game to win it would have the been the Cleveland game.  Even this year with OSU playing Michigan on the 18th of Nov. and a nowhere bound Browns team playing the Steelers on the 19th, I think I would have rather watched the Browns beat the Steelers than the Buckeyes beat the Wolverines.  I really thought Michigan would win this year and I really thought Cleveland was going to beat the Steelers.  Right up until Pittsburgh scored two touchdowns in the 4th quarter to rip our hearts out again!  I had flown both flags all that week before the games. 

I remember in the fall of 2002 having to sing the Michigan fight song in front of a group of Michigan fans in a certain fellowship hall. 

Now living in the shadow of Ann Arbor I normally proudly display the Scarlett and Gray flag I purchased after we moved to Michigan.  It seems to be a lot more fun being a Buckeye since we moved to Tecumseh.  I have a 2002 national championship T shirt that no one (other than Donna) has ever seen because I wear it as a sleep shirt.  (I alternate between that and my Cleveland Browns 2002 Wild Card T shirt).  Until this year I had no OSU gear.  My kids got me a couple of OSU hoodies to where this year and they have been fun to wear.  I like seeing the expression on people’s faces when they see me in scarlett (scarlett is a biblical color).  They look at your chest and as their eyes move up to meet yours their faces just turn sour. 

I have been flying the OSU and Browns flags respectively on game days.  I have not flown the Browns flag since Dec 3.  I did not fly it that day and the Browns won.  Not that I am superstitious mind you, just a creature of habit?  I was not going to fly the OSU flag today, nor where any gear, just because it is not really a big deal.  But today we read meters in the South County Water district (south of Monroe and not far from the OHIO line).  The flags were out in force.  Lots of OSU flags, lots of green MSU flags, quite a few Toledo flags and yes there were a few Maize and Blue flags still flying.  I saw a fire hydrant painted like a Michigan helmet but I am not sure exactly what their intention was.  I do give them points for being creative. 

I could have gone to the University of Akron.  I was all set to go.  They had offerred me a scholarship.  I don’t even remember applying to OSU.  I do know that in the spring of 1976 I got a letter from OSU offering a grant to attend that matched the scholarship money I would have gotten from Akron.  Needless to say I did not hesitate.  Even though it meant moving to Columbus, my cousinKen had gone to OSU and I always wanted to do what Ken had done, only do it better.  Kind of a sibling rivalry so to speak.  I guess God had a plan and certainly a sense of humor.

Well, I am proud of my school, THE Ohio State University.  I do want everyone to know they are my team.  I want them to know EXACTLY where I stand on that issue and what they can expect from me on this topic.  So if you will excuse me, I am going to go put my flag out and I am going to keep it out, put on the porchlite, get my hoodie on and get ready to watch the game.   I am probably going to keep the flag out for at least one day, win or lose.  

If you need a hospital, look for a blue sign with a big “H” on it.   When my daughter Lisa and I used to travel cross county and we would see a sign for a hospital, the first one to see it would say, “Do you need to go to the hospital?”.  Taxi driver are required to know where all the hospitals are before they can get their license.  If you are hungy, you are looking for a sign that says “EAT AT JOES”.  So if you are looking for a Buckeye fan, you will see my flag flying tonite.  I must be off.


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  1. The Pudgeman Said:

    In a word……..OOOOOOOOOOPS! I must admit that for the first time in my life I was actually routing for the scarlet and gray! See where that got ’em! B4T

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