Martha got a brand new car…


You know it occurred to me just how good God is to us.  We don’t deserve it.  As Joyce Meyer likes to say all we deserve is to die and to go to hell.   But our God is good and his mercies are fresh each day. 

We all set goals and objectives for ourselves.  I once had an objective to have an office with a window in it.   That meant status at the company I worked for at the time.  As we mature our goals and objectives change.  We want to accomplish something by the time we are 30.  At 50 our goals might be changing.  We might want to live long enough to retire.  At 50 we might just be trying to hang on to the corporate ladder instead of trying to climb it.  Or we may not be concerned at all with the ladder. 

But Martha has achieved one of her objectives.  She is very excited about it.  Martha has talked about this for years.  She and her husband have planned for it.  Martha is gratetful for and knows that it is God that provides all these things to us.

Most of all I am excited for her in that she has a genuine relationship with her Lord and Savior.  I would like to tell you that I  had something to do with that, but the Lord did this one without any help from me, that is for sure.   I believe the most important thing that Mark Kay has done for her is put her into contact with Godly people and Martha has put the proper priorities in her life as expressed by the Mary Kay organization.  Mary Kay priorities for her people is that God is the first priority, family is second, and that career is 3rd.  I like to say that if you take care of those three, the rest will take care of themselves. 

I think the other things that have had a impact on Martha’s life are the people that God has surrounded her with in the military.  I don’t know which of her “friends” in Enid, OK told her to get a NIV study bible, to read and study it, but I thank God that he sent that person to her.  To have a Godly daughter like Martha has really been a God send in times when I most needed it. 

God has really looked out for Martha and her family, protecting and providing for them.  Yes they work hard, they are motivated and they worship and fear their God.  I thank God for they way he has healed and grown relationships in our family.  There is no limit to what God can do. 

So please join me in celebrating with Martha as she has achieved one of her goals as Senior Sales Director for Mary Kay and watch out for that Platinum Silver Mary Kay Grand Prix if you are in the greater metropolitan Tucson area.  I must be off.  


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  1. Martha Said:

    Thanks Dad! God is good, all the time! Love you! Come and see me in my new car!!!!

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