Get a jump on what can be done today – RIB-IT

Many years ago, I heard about a sermon titled “Another Night With the Frogs.” It’s about leaving for tomorrow what should be done today.

Actually, I assume that’s it; I never read it or heard it. I know that it comes from Chapter 8 of the book of Exodus, where God has sent a series of plagues on Egypt so that Pharaoh will free the Jews.

Frogs were everywhere. In the streets, the houses, seemingly in every drop of water, and in the beds. Put your hand in your pocket, and there’s a frog.


That was the chorus for days.

Frogs aren’t easily trained. Just try to make one sit or roll over. A frog does what it wants.

You can say 100 frogs in your house is like dealing with an addiction. It takes a lot to round them up and clean them out. After a while, you may not like them, but you get used to having them around.  



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