5 things I learned on Super Bowl Sunday…

You know, it occurred to me I may have learned some things yesterday.

 1.  Don’t use cumin in your traditional chili recipe.  Just because it calls for cumin in meatless and white chili recipes, don’t use it with real chili because it has a wang to it and it is just not needed.

2.  When using 2 cans of rotel, it is not necessary to add both chopped chilies and jalapenos, particularly when you double the amount of hot Mexican chili powder.

3.  Sour cream is useful in toning down an overly aggressive chili recipe.

4.  Only use ripe avocados when trying to make guacamole.

5.  Don’t run over on your devotional time or you will miss the first two touchdowns, much less the national anthem.


Bonus material and one question for extra credit…

a. When reheating apple pie, just press 1 then 5 and then start to reheat for 15 seconds.

b. For an amazing grace testimonial about Tony Dungy, click here.

c.  For more on Tony Dungy and Love Smith professing their faith click here.

d. Was that Christianese I heard from the podium after the game?



  1. The Pudgeman Said:

    Thank you for the chili tips. Also, it is nice to see two head coaches who are men of faith facing off in the Superbowl. It makes it a tough choice on who to root for. And, yes that was Christianese that you heard! Praise God! B4T

  2. kelly Said:

    Well, know I know everything I need to know when making chili!! Thanks

  3. sam Said:

    mmm chili….tasty and windy !

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