Chocolate…What’s your favourite?


So what is your favourite?

Milk, white or dark chocolate?



  1. beartracks Said:

    I like Special Dark.

  2. The Pudgeman Said:

    UH HUH! B4T

  3. mudpuppy Said:

    Hersey Special Dark, Dove Dark, Lindt Lindor …

    … and I could eat Ferrero Rocher like candy… uh, well all day long!

  4. kelly Said:

    So, if I answer this question, are you going to buy me some??? I do not care for Special Dark. Sorry guys!! I like white chocolate, then carmel covered in milk chocolate=)))

  5. sam Said:

    I like Giarardelli caramels, followed by Reese’s peanut butter cups.

  6. WheresJim? Said:

    Well, I have heard it said that if you like milk chocolate you are traditional. If you like white chocolate you are a rebel. If you like dark chocolate you are deep and mysterious. If you like all three…..?

  7. beartracks Said:

    What have you heard if you like semi-sweet?

  8. Martha Said:

    Dark, all the way! Watch FACING THE GIANTS! I want to see a post!

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