There may be some value to bloodletting after all…


You know it occurred to me, I have often said that is not been all that long since medical doctor’s practiced bloodletting.  There have been many medical advancements with great knowledge and technical improvements, but the doctors are still just a couple of generations removed from being phlebotomists.  I have heard forever we need to get the lead out, but now they are indicating we have to get the iron out!  Now it turns out blood letting may be good for you after all!  So as the Rolling Stones say, “Let it Bleed”…

You can read the article here for yourself.



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  1. WheresJim? Said:

    And now from the GOP, the RNC chairman is calling the Democrats plan “the slow bleed” We all need a little blood now and then, just don’t drink it!!!

    Dear Friend,

    The Democrat strategy on Iraq is finally clear.

    We’ve known all along that they want to cut and run before the job is done. But they’ve been afraid to confront President Bush directly. Today, Democrat Rep. John Murtha let slip what he and Nancy Pelosi really intend to do, and it is genuinely frightening.

    They call it their ‘slow-bleed’ plan. Instead of supporting the troops in Iraq, or simply bringing them home, the Democrats intend to gradually make it harder and harder for them to do their jobs. They will introduce riders onto bills to prevent certain units from deploying. They will try to limit the President’s constitutional power to determine the length and number of deployments. They will attempt to keep the Pentagon from replacing troops who rotate out of Iraq. They may even try to limit how our troops operate by, for example, prohibiting our armed forces from creating and operating bases in Iraq.

    ‘Slow-bleed’ is exactly the right name for this incredibly irresponsible and dangerous strategy. Cutting and running is bad enough. But the Murtha-Pelosi ‘slow-bleed’ plan is far worse. It is a cynical and dangerous erosion of our ability to fight the terrorists while we still have men and women on the ground in Iraq. It will put their lives in far greater danger, as resources slowly dry up. How can our troops operate without bases? How can they fight without backup?

    ‘Slow-bleed’ cannot become law. Luckily, we have an opportunity to stop it. The Murtha plan depended on stealth. Now, however, the press has broken the story. And now we can act.

    Click Here to read the full story on the Democrats’ secret plan.

    Write a letter to your editor today. Spread the word that we cannot abandon our men and women in Iraq. Because that is exactly what would happen if the ‘slow-bleed’ plan becomes a reality.

    Our armed forces are the best in the world. They are serving with tremendous honor and bravery in Iraq. We cannot gradually abandon them. We cannot allow the Murtha-Pelosi ‘slow-bleed’ plan to happen. So please, take action today.


    Mike Duncan
    Chairman, Republican National

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