Yes, Browns should give Marty a call

By Terry Pluto

Marty Schottenheimer (Getty Images)

At the very least, the Browns should seriously consider hiring Marty Schottenheimer as an adviser.

Would that make current coach Romeo Crennel nervous?

Probably no more than the fact that Crennel knows his time is short, that 10 of his assistants have been replaced and that the front office is expecting a major improvement from a year ago.

When a coach had records of 6-10 and 4-12 in his first two years, there’s little reason to feel secure.

The other factor is Crennel has not done much to inspire tremendous confidence. He has had little talent, but in some areas that he could control, he came up short.

His loyalty to offensive coordinator Maurice Carthon was misplaced, and he refused to back off from the misjudgment until the front office forced his hand.

He also seemed overwhelmed at times with the strong-willed receiver Braylon Edwards.

Finally, there were rather unimaginative game plans.

So why not just replace Crennel with Schottenheimer?

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