Facing the Giants…Fryday at the movies…


Last Saturday afternoon, my daughter Martha called me about a movie she was watching.  She was about 45 minutes into it and could not wait any longer to tell me about it.  I recall no other time in my life that anyone had stopped to tell me about a movie they had seen before they had even finished watching the movie.  Martha did not tell me much about it but did say it was about faith and football and had been made by a church in Georgia. 

Martha insisted I go right up to the video store and rent it right away.  She told me they might not have it at Blockbuster but she did think they would have it at Hollywood video.  Neither of these places has a store in Tecumseh and I was pretty much wiped out after the three day conference at Northridge.   After her call we were still on our way to Ann Arbor to find a place for lunch.  Donna was thumbing through the Outreach magazine the folks at Northridge had provided to us and as I looked over at her while driving I noticed a full page add in the magazine for this movie.    Now this could have been  a coincidence I suppose.

I did not rent the movie but did look at Yahoo Movies and found the movie website to learn a little more about the movie.    Most movies there are reviewed by Movie Mom but there was no critic review.  There were almost 4000 user reviews and the movie did get a B+ review.    In looking at the reviews it seemed they were either very, very good or very, very bad.  Anyways, (that’s Cleveland Speak for anyway) I was at Walmart yesterday and saw and purchased the movie.  We watched it last night.  I also bought the movie The Second Chance.   I have not seen that movie yet but I have looked for it for over a year, not diligently, but in God’s time.  It was on a promotional DVD for the movie The Second Chance 

The Second Chance

that I found the music video to Michael W. Smith’s “Healing Rain“.    Funny how that worked out.  Still have not seen this movie but I plan to.  I also plan to see Michael W. Smith in Troy on April 27th at Woodside Bible Church.  Tickets are 22 bucks on itickets.com.

Lot of funny things going on.  Seems to me not all that long ago I heard a sermon about facing your giants.  Anyways (oh there I go again), enjoy the movie!  IDYBT, IMBO…



  1. mudpuppy Said:

    One of the darkest days in the history of my family. Hilarious. IDYBT.

  2. wheresjim Said:

    But one of the best sermons I have ever heard…Inspirational…

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