You know it occurred to me.  I took several pictures but this one really stood out as maybe on of the finest photographs I have ever taken.  Pretty good likeness, don’t you think?  You know I have found you can create quite a buzz in the blogoshpere with a photo.  Actually a real personal photo gets the most attention.  I set my all time record for hits just a few days ago with a very personal photo.  But I digress.  I guess you could call this photo “the after”.  I will get to the  before later.

 So while many images from yesterday stir in my brain, this is one that sticks out.  I have another image from after the service yesterday, of many people in groups of 2-5 all over the auditorium, praying, crying and sharing with one another.  Reminds me of the scene from the movie we are going to watch next week at our small group for the dedication of the HEBREWS 10:25 Small Group Multimedia Center, but anyway I digress again.  There you go again, life imitating art.  That is a double digression.  But not redundant. (not yet)…

Well now seem like a good time to get to the before, that is now that it is later. 


Do you see any differences?  I mean in the after?  After what? What happened before?

Back to the title.    Have you been angry?  Are you in contempt? How about lust or addictions of all kinds?   Have you been a spritual road block to a new Christian? Are you afraid?  What of? Are you afraid of someone?  Something?  The unknown?  The future? Most of you who read this attend New Song Church.  How many times did you raise your hand yesterday?  I did not peak.  I raised mine at least twice that I will admit to.  I do have my own personal hell here on earth.  Do you?

What buzz were you talking about around your watercooler today? Are you ready to make a connection? Do you want to take the next step?  Are you ready to explore all that God has to offer you?  Do you want all God has to offer?  Are you ready to take advantage of the opportunities God has afforded you? 

Do you want to live in hell here on earth?    Hell NO!!!



  1. beartracks Said:

    You can still see the coffee buzz in his eyes.

  2. wheresjim Said:

    Yup, he tried to poison me with coffee yesterday afternoon. Worked too!!Got me so wired I ground all my teeth down to their stubbs…

  3. The Pudgeman Said:

    You know, you could scare a lot of people posting pictures like this. Nice message in your post though. B4T

  4. kvnevins Said:

    I jumped a little when I saw that pic=))). That was such an inspiring sermon on Sun. I am still thinking about it.

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