It’s Time for Blogfast…The Dark Side of the Digital Revolution

You know it occurred to me.  It is time for blogfast.

I read an article recently by Phil Cooke in Joyce Meyer’s Everyday Life Magazine on the Dark Side of the Digital Revolution.  Some people make 90 cell phone calls a day.  Others send as many as 84 text messages a day.  Coincidently other studies show that Americans are reporting fewer and fewer closer friends. 

Technology has brought wonderful changes to our life.  Cell phones, computers, pda’s have made a dramatic change if how we do our personal and business communication.  Thanks to the media we are aware of Internet scams that prey on seniors, the explosion of online pornography and online predators who target minors for sex.  One of biggest concerns should be is how it affects our behavior.

I used to enjoy the radio or tape player while driving, but know I have my cell phone in my ear and checking email.  I know people who take their cell phones into the bathroom to make calls and check their email while they are on the can.  So what is to be done?  Are we destined to live our lives out over the internet, on a cell phone in digital isolation?

What are we to do?

First, you could take a media fast.  When you get the urge to check your email or messages during a funeral or email the person in the next office or cubicle it might be time for a media fast.  Turn the computer off.  So I am going to go on a self imposed blogfast.

Second, be more agressive about developing personal relationships.  Expand your community and get to know people.  Enlarge your network of PERSONAL freinds.

Third, encourage community building.  Through your neighborhood, business or local church spend time developing “community”.  Be proactive in creating more face-to-face opportunities.  Do something with somebody, not to them.

So if you need me, try and call me.  I will be checking my email so you could email me to set up a time to talk to me.  In the pyramid of communications, an email is far superior to a blog, a phone call is vastly superior to an email, but there is nothing like face to face.  So come out from behind that computer screen and live for a while.

 See you around!!  I must be off!



  1. beartracks Said:

    I couldn’t agree more. I know I spend way to much time on the computer, cell phone and blogging when I should be studying and associating with friends face to face. Lets get together for coffee…call me.

  2. sam Said:

    Enoy your break.

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