Ohio Boy Makes Good…(finally)


You know it occurred to me, something has to go right for the Browns sooner or later.   Tony Dungy finally won the big game.  The Boston Red Sox finally won a World Series.  The Cubs will win one too, one day. quinny.jpg

Today finally went well for Brady Quinn too.  Brady had heard all the hype as a surefire top five pick if not THE top overall pick.  All the ESPN cameras on him as he sat through the first 9 picks undrafted.  Surely he would go to Miami the experts said.  The finally shuttled him off the set to a hurriedly set up respite place for this young man as his stock rapidly fell through teams that did not need a QB. 

I have not been this excited since I predicted one year in advance (you can ask my daughter Lisa) that the Browns would take Tim Couch #1 overall in the 1999 draft.  Or maybe since the Browns stole Bernie Kosar in the controversial 1985 supplemental draft.  Well some things work out better than others.  In the late 1980’s I actually thought that Bernie would have a longer, better career than John Elway because he relied on his wits and savvy rather than his legs like Elway did.  Like I said, you get some right, and you get some wrong.

I would not have been surprised nor disappointed had the Browns taken Brady Quinn with the 3rd overall choice.  I was pleased with the selection of Joe Thomas as the #3 overall choice (finally an offensive lineman in an early round) but to add Quinn literally brought tears to my eyes.  Immediately my phone rang and it was Lisa wanting to get my take on the pick of Quinn.  I gathered my emotions and share my excitement.  Oh yea by the way she got the job in Baltimore and yada yada but what about the BROWNS!

What a day for sports hibernation!  The CAVS are coming on in a few minutes, ready to take a commanding 3-0 lead in their first round series with the Wizards and getting ready for the eventual rematch with the Pistons.  The Wings are tied at 2 in the 3rd period with the Sharks.  The Byron Nelson is on too! 

It has been a productive day too!  Been doing a little pruning!!  Cutting off some dead wood. 

Well, is it Sept 9th yet?  Bring on the Steelers! Here we go Brownies, Here we go.  Go Browns, Pittsburgh sucks.

 Well, I must be off!



  1. sam Said:

    he’s a talented player, for sure.

  2. The Pudgeman Said:

    You know, it is quite possible that the Browns will see a Superbowl championship well before the Lions will but the Cav’s are another story all together. I would like to see a Detroit/Cleveland Eastern Conference Final! The Central has dominated this year. B4T

  3. WheresJim? Said:

    And Mr. Pudge, sir: Yes and I forgot the mention the AL Central…

    See you in September…Have you checked your standings recently?

    Gotto go, more pruning to do!

  4. The Pudgeman Said:

    Well Jimmy I was talking about the NBA Central but since you bring up the AL I do notice that the tribe has a 1.5 game lead on the boys from Detroit. Just remember that it is a loooooooooooong season! We should run out to Cleveland sometime for a game at the Jake. B4T

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