How many days since?

You know it occurred to me whenI got an interesting email from a former co-worker today.  Today Auburn fans are celebrating day 2000.  You see it has been 2000 days since Alabama beat Auburn in football.  Have you ever wondered how many days since?

Being proactive as I am I googled “how many days since” and came up with a website and was able to poke in a few dates to see “how many days since”  had gone by.  I am not sure who Jeffrey Palm is but he seems to be some sort of a computer geek.  Anyways (that’s Cleveland speak for anyway) armed with a little information it is easy to punch in a few dates to determine how many days since. 

For example, it is 19,385 days since I have been born.  It is 15, 484 days since the Browns won a world championship, 21,405 days since the Tribe won the World Series,  Primary Logo, 1952-1960. 18,039 days since the Lions won a championship.  Interestingly, Bobby Layne who was traded the season after their last championship (he was traded to the lowly Steelers) is said to have put a curse on the Lions saying “they won’t win a championship for 50 years”.  So cheer up, the 50 years is almost over!

One final note, it has been 1274 days (and counting) as of the writing of this post since the Michigan Wolverines have beaten The Ohio State Buckeyes on the gridiron.  Just though you might want to know… IDYBT  IMBO…



  1. sam Said:

    nice overall post until that last statement….tsk tsk

  2. The Pudgeman Said:

    It ain’t easy being a Lions fan but I agree with Sammy, that last one just stings a little. B4T

  3. Jeff Said:

    Jeff is a bit of computer geek — one that went to the University of Florida — and it was 140 days since… well you know 🙂

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