There is something different about this view…


You know it occurred to me.  There is something different about this view of “The Stadium”.  Well for one thing, there are no people in this photo.  I typically like photos that have people in them as opposed to photos that do not.  Also this view is from the east end zone of the stadium, not the west endzone where for 7 years, (1999-2006) we watched the Browns in all the futility.  (They did have one winning season in 2002 (run William run).  Last year we upgraded to “club seats” which are very nice, ie no waiting for the potty, you can purchase tiramisu if you like, you can retreat to heated or air-conditioned club lounges, purchase your favourite bottle of water for $3.00, watch the games on flat screen tv’s etc. 

One of the things that is different about the club seats, however, are the clientele.  They just don’t seem to get into the game, they sit on their hands sipping their bloody marys (with celery, not pickles), may applaud with a golf clap, just not the old died in the wool, rowdy peanut throwing fanatics.  I was fortunate to have one peanut thrown at me last Fryday nite, more on that later. 

Two things happened that caused me to miss the true Cleveland Brown fan experience.  Last December 10th, Lisa (my daughter) and I were fortunate to get tickets to sit in the lower dawgpound and it was quite fun!  Not only did the Browns have a stirring 4th quarter comeback to beat a playoff team (Kansas City) but the atmosphere was great! The fans were rowdy, there was some spilled beer, people without teeth trying to sit in seats that were not theirs, it was just like old times in the pound!

Last Friday nite four men attended the Indians game at Comerica.  We had great seats!  We were in the very top row!  Bob Eucker seats, so to speak.  We had a good view but there was a family of 40 or so that sat near and in front of us and boy they had a great time.  We fed off of their enthusiasm.  I spoke with one of the people there and the reason they were at the game is because their mother really enjoyed going to the game each year for her birthday.  This was the first year her mother was not able to make as she had passed in January, but the family (there were at least four generations there that I know of) will continue the tradition and each year will return to remember and carry on the tradition.

So what you may ask.  Well today the Browns called me as I had put in a change of seat request.  I was able to purchase 2 additional seats IN THE DAWGPOUND.  This is great for two reasons.  We now have access to 4 seats and I love taking people to the games.  Also there is no PSL charge for the Dawgpound.  That means you don’t have to pay for the privelege to pay for your seats!  All you have to pay for is the seats themselves.  Section 321 (upper dawgpound) row 36!.  This is about 10 rows higher than our old seats in the west endzone, but hey we are in the dawgpound!  (and when it gets cold we can still get in the club!).

So there you have it, back to future, tradition renewed, lost in the dawgpound again.  Who says you can never go home again!



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  1. The Pudgeman Said:

    Jimmy, it was a lot of fun at Comerica last Friday. Thank you for not bringing up the first of three losses for the Tigers that began that night! It is always fun hangin with the fellas. B4T

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